NOT AGAIN? CAIR demands investigation of Arabic college professor for what CAIR calls his ‘Islamophobic” views


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CAIR-Ohio Urges Oberlin College to Investigate “Anti-Muslim” Arabic Lecturer

CAIRvivivi-vi(CLEVELAND, OH – 4/1/14) – The Cleveland chapter of the Council on Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Cleveland) today expressed concern about a lecturer in the Arabic language department at Oberlin College, Dr. Samir Amin Abdellatif, who openly promotes anti-Muslim bigotry and crude stereotypes of Muslims in his writings and on campus.

CAIR-Cleveland requested that the college “investigate the matter and take appropriate action based on the results of that investigation.”

Abdellatif is the publisher of a 290-page tract that vilifies Islam and Muslims. His publication, entitled The Unknown History of Islam espouses outlandish conspiracy theories about the Muslim and promotes xenophobic views about Muslim immigration to the West.


In CAIR’s letter to Oberlin College President Martin KrislovCAIR-Cleveland Executive Director Julia A. Shearson outlined statements from Abdellatif’s tract that characterize Islam as having “slowed down all advancement and progress of all the nations it set foot in.”

The tract makes other claims such as:

  • “Muslims would try to force their values and traditions on others callously. They would force their neighbors to cover their heads; otherwise they taunt them for not being modest; Muslim teachers would try to make their Christian students pray according to their Islamic religion.”

  • “Islam is an ideology of control, not for human and brotherly love.”

In her letter, Shearson wrote, “We believe the reputation of Oberlin College is tarnished and students are done a disservice by having an Arabic language instructor who openly promotes anti-Muslim bigotry and who condones crude and ugly caricatures of Muslims.”

Samir Amin Abdellatif‘s views on Political Islam

Wiki Samir Amin was born in Cairo, the son of an Egyptian father and a French mother. According to Samir Amin, Islam leads its struggle on the terrain of culture, wherein “culture” is intended as “belongingness to one religion”. Islamist militants are not actually interested in the discussion of dogmas which form religion but on the contrary they’re concerned about the ritual assertion of membership in the community. Such a world view is therefore not only distressing as it conceals an immense poverty of thought, but it also justifies Imperialism‘s strategy of substituting a “conflict of cultures” for a conflict between the liberal, imperialist centres and the backward, dominated peripheries. This importance attributed to culture allows political Islam to obscure from every sphere of life the realistic social dichotomy between the working classes and the global capitalist system which oppresses and exploits them.[1]

The militants of political Islam are only present in areas of conflict in order to furnish people with education and health care, through schools and health clinics. However, these are nothing more than works of charity and means of indoctrination, insofar as they are not means of support for the working class struggle against the system which is responsible for its misery.