WORLD’S MOST WANTED British al-Qaeda ‘White Widow’ vows new wave of ‘attacks’ on westerners to avenge murder of her terrorist teacher in Kenya


The ‘White Widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite could be planning a retaliation attack after her ‘terrorist teacher’ was shot dead this week. Al-Qaeda leader Abubakar Shariff Ahmed was killed by unidentified gunmen as he and a friend were walking from a court in Mombasa, Kenya to a nearby mosque.

UK Daily Mail  Ahmed, also known as Makaburi – meaning graveyard, is said to be the person who recruited Samantha Lewthwaite, 29, to al-Shabaab, an African-centered phalanx of Al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda leader Abubakar Shariff Ahmed, who is suspected of recruiting White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite has been shot dead in Kenya
Al-Qaeda leader Abubakar Shariff Ahmed, who is suspected of recruiting White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite has been shot dead in Kenya

Lewthwaite, a mother-of-four dubbed ‘Britain’s most wanted woman’, is just one of hundreds of Britons, including Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo, allegedly recruited by Ahmed.

Security services now fear that Lewthwaite is planning revenge over the death of the al-Shaabab head, and will attack Western-affiliated targets in Africa as she blames the Kenyan government for the death of Ahmed. ‘Intelligence suggests Makaburi introduced Samantha Lewthwaite to many influential figures within the al-Shabaab network – he guided her path to Jihad,’ a senior security source told the Mirror.

‘This will be seen as yet another act of war and could spectacularly backfire on the Kenyan government if they are found to be responsible for his death. ‘Lewthwaite and her associates will want revenge.’


A witness said that two gunmen had opened fire, with around 20 shots fired as Ahmed, fell to the floor, dressed in a white checked robe. His companion was also shot dead.  The witness said that police arrived soon afterwards, and slid the preacher’s body into the back of an official pick up truck. 

Human rights activists’ have claimed that the Kenyan government — rattled by the presence of Islamic extremists in Kenya and by the attack last year by al-Shabab on a Nairobi mall — was  behind the killing, and were also responsible for the deaths of two other Muslim leaders. (Good work!)

Ahmed had been linked to fugitive terror suspect Lewthwaite, dubbed the White Widow, as he helped more than 100 Britons to join Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab, which counts her as a member. 


The 29-year-old British Muslim convert is the world’s most wanted woman after being accused of allegedly ordering the killings of two radical Muslim clerics, two Protestant preachers, and three others with links to al-Shabaab.

However, in September last year Ahmed denied ever having met Lewthwaite, who is the widow of 
of 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay.

Ahmed was also linked to another British fanatic, Jermaine Grant, who is currently on trial over a plot to bomb hotels. A UN investigation has suggested that Ahmed and Grant took over the Kenyan and East African leadership of Al-Qaeda in 2012.


In October Ahmed told how he was ‘living on borrowed time’ after two other other Muslim leaders of a mosque that Makaburi was associated with were killed by unidentified gunmen in Mombasa.

When he was interviewed in October, Ahmed, who was seated under a cloth bearing a hand-painted sword and religious text in Arabic, railed against the killings of radical Muslim leaders, saying that while Kenyan security forces might think that killing them helps snuff out radical Islam, it actually increases the problem.


Yesterday the US Embassy deplored the recent violence in Kenya, including Makaburi’s murder, and called for a full investigation. The US has encouraged dialogue between the government and religious leaders ‘to address the underlying causes of tensions and to help counter the danger presented by violent extremist groups.’

On Tuesday evening, just prior to his death, Ahmed had left a courtroom where he had helped more than two dozen youths accused of being part of al-Shabaab. 

Hussien Khalid, an official with a human rights group in Mombasa called Haki Africa, said government agents are prime suspects in such killings. He said 20 Muslims have been killed in the city the last four months.