HONOR DIARIES: Brave Muslim women who are the voices behind the groundbreaking film about violence against women in the Muslim world

You’ve already seen the hissy fits in the media from CAIR about the content and producers of this film. Now hear from the activist Muslim women who have lived with and personally experienced the misogyny of honor violence committed against young girls and women by their own families.


Clarion Project’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro interviews one of the producers of Honor Diaries Heidi Basch-Harod. She is the Executive Director of Women’s Voices Now and a courageous defender of women’s rights and humanitarian causes worldwide from Tibet to Kurdistan. Women’s Voices Now is one of over 35 partner organizations that joined that Clarion Project in making Honor Diaries.

She became involved with Honor Diaries a year and a half ago, and was inspired by the moving stories of the nine women activists that the film centers on. In this interview she talks about the scale and impact of the abuses of honor violence and FGM and the bold steps being taken to try and combat these injustices

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