ACT! for America: Relentlessly working to get anti-sharia legislation passed all around the country


And not just anti-sharia law bills, state initiatives are being introduced that put a stop to all kinds of creeping Islamization, part of the stealth war being waged against the U.S. by Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MSA, and more. 

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ACT! for America is building up legislative firewalls to protect our nation – state by state. Here is what your support has helped us accomplish as we continue to educate state legislators across the country:

ALAC_logo American Laws for American Courts (protects US citizens from foreign law that specifically bars citizens from their Constitutional rights) – wins in 7 states, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas and North Carolina. A form of ALAC also passed in Washington State.

pur931f3e08c8628840 Free Speech Defense Act (gives authors and other individuals free speech protection from foreign libel suits seeking to extradite US individuals to foreign nations for legal action) – wins in 9 states, Oklahoma, New York, South Dakota, Utah, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, California and Illinois.

0 Andy’s Law (anti-material support for terror) – wins in 3 states, Arkansas, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Mutilation_logo-vi Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Legislation (female circumcision ban) – wins in 2 states, Kansas and Louisiana, pending in Washington.

refugee-resetlement-1 Refugee Resettlement Legislation (gives local municipalities control in refusing legal -Muslim- refugee resettlement into their communities) – win in Tennessee.