Hey, North Carolina! Run this RINO bastard out of office

North Carolina Republican congressman Walter Jones, who faces a primary next month, has put another nail in his reelection coffin by abstaining on the “U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Act,” which would have established closer military relationships between the two nations. The bill passed overwhelmingly, 411-2.


Walter Jones’ foreign policy record is among the most left-wing in Congress. Even worse, Jones is supported by J Street, a virulently anti-Israel Jewish group that promotes itself as pro-Israel. What is missing from this label is pro-Israel ‘extermination,’ the real goal of J Street which is heavily funded by George Soros and several Muslim organizations.

Last week the Emergency Committee for Israel released another attack ad against Jones, who faces a primary next month. The ad also notes Jones’ vote against a 2012 Iran sanctions bill, which passed overwhelmingly with only five House Republicans and one Democrat opposed.

The Republican Jewish Coalition has endorsed Jones’s opponent. Breitbart reports: “Noah Pollak, the executive director of ECI, said the footage of the burning flags was used to show that “most of our enemies view the US and Israel as being a common enemy and being stand-ins for each other.”