NEW YORK CITY: NYPD hunts for a man who allegedly threatened to kill a Muslim in full supremacist attire

The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is hunting for a middle-aged white man who allegedly called a Muslim woman a “terrorist” and threatened to kill her aboard a crowded city bus in Queens.


NY Post  The 5-foot-7 suspect became angry at Aya Mohammad when her (head?) bag brushed up against him as they were riding on the Q88 bus at Kissena Boulevard and Horace Harding Expressway in Kew Gardens Hills during the Monday morning rush sources said (sources, what sources?). He allegedly started hurling profanities at Mohammad, screaming, “Fuck you! Fuck your people! You Muslim! You’re a terrorist,” according to sources (sources, what sources?).

Mohammad, who was clad in traditional Muslim garb, allegedly tried to calm him down by pointing out that it was a bumpy ride and the bus was crowded. But the thug only became more aggressive, allegedly pushing the woman and spitting on her, sources said (sources? what sources?). Fed up, Mohammad fired back, calling the hate monger a “piece of shit,” sources said (sources, what sources?). But that only prompted him to clench his fist and allegedly sneer, “I’m not scared to hit you with my fist. I will kill you,” sources said (sources, what sources? CAIR?).

Where are the witnesses? It’s her word against his.