Terror-linked CAIR-Florida has its panties in bunch over Senator Alan Hays’ remarks comparing barbaric sharia law to a deadly disease

Bolling-Perino-300x1651Florida State Senator Alan Hays stated that the Anti-Foreign/ Sharia Law Bill SB 58 is a preventive action, because in Florida and other states, judges have used sharia law in their rulings on cases involving Muslims. Hays compares sharia to a fatal “disease” against which we must be protected.


CAIR-Florida  The Council on ‘anti’ American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood terror-linked front group, posted a clip Friday of Hays invoking disease prevention when asked to provide an example of a foreign law that had stripped the rights of Americans in United States courts:

When you were a child, did your parents have you vaccinated against different diseases? That was a preemptive gesture on their part for which I would hope you’re very thankful. I don’t want any American to be in a Florida courtroom and have their constitutional rights violated by any foreign law, especially sharia. Hays is a co-sponsor of one such anti-sharia bill in Florida.

The Republican Party even included a plank in its 2012 platform stating that “there must be no use of foreign law by US courts in interpreting our Constitution and laws,” regarded by many as a thinly veiled reference to Sharia.