Australia: Police are hunting three Arab Muslims who allegedly gang-raped two 16 year old girls

UnknownOn April 9th, two 16 year-old Sydney schoolgirls were gang-raped in broad daylight by three Middle Eastern men in Fairfield Park, as rapes by Muslim asylum seekers continue to increase across Western Sydney’s ethnic ghetto.

Party for Freedom (h/t Alastair)  The girls had played hooky from school, but got lost and had asked passengers on a train for directions. The alleged Muslim attackers persuaded the lost girls to get off the train at Fairfield under the pretense of taking them to the right bus terminal. The trusting girls were then taken to Fairfield Park and repeatedly raped by the three “Middle Eastern” attackers.

Fairfield Park

It was only a few months ago that a gang of six African men plied a young Maori girl with alcohol and repeatedly raped her in the Bill Colbourne Reserve, Bankstown. This unfortunate gang rape incident pushed racial tensions close to boiling point in multicultural and multiracial western Sydney.

Bankstown is the face of ‘dysfunctional multicultural’ Australia, a locality where over 30% of the residents are under the age of 19 and home to 200 different ethnic and religious groups. In other words – an area colonised by taxpayer funded third world intruders at the expense of traditional Australians.

Western Sydney changed for the worse changed in mid 70’s when Labor’s Al Grasby implemented the multicultural experiment coupled with large-scale third world immigration. 

Islamic arab taxi driver Hassan Nagi (39) from Bexley in Western Sydney was convicted and jaileddin Sydney for raping three female passengers aged 31, 23 and 27 between 2003 and 2007.  Nagi was HIV positive and had been  frequenting prostitutes since the age of 20. 

14 Lebanese Muslim men committed a series of gang rapes that were racially, ethnically and religiously motivated and became known as the ‘Sydney gang rapes.’  A phone call from one  said, “We’ve got a slut, Bro” after which the girl was forced to fellate eight males repeatedly.

"We've go a slut. bro"

“We’ve go a slut, bro”

The orgy continued two nights later on the 12th August when two Muslim males raped a teenager girl with twelve men standing around watching. While one was raping the Australian girl, the second rapist held a gun to her head and kicked her in the stomach.


A woman of Aboriginal Australian background was taken to three separate locations of 6 hours and raped 25 times by fourteen Muslim men. The victim was called an “Aussie pig” and asked by her attackers if “Leb cock tasted better than Aussie cock” and also made clear that she would be raped “Leb style.” 

The madness resumed when three Muslim men repeatedly raped another two teenagers over a span of five hours. One of the victims was told, “You deserve it because you’re an Australian.”