France: 18-year-old girl raped by 4 Muslim minors “because she is French and the French are all sons of whores”

A young French girl of 18 gets off the train at Évry station. At the exit, while using her cell phone, 4 Muslim teenagers abduct her and take her to a neighboring park. They rob her of everything she has, then undress her and take turns raping her.


DMF  An indescribable rape of savage cruelty, the four tortured her for several hours before abandoning her, wounded and bleeding. A passing motorist stopped to help her and called emergency services. The girl is now traumatized for life. Thanks to her detailed descriptions and CCTV images, the Évry police arrest the four suspects in less than 24 hours and get them with their DNA.


The four Muslim thugs are minors: two are 13, one 15, the fourth 17. Three of them are Turkish brothers, and the other Moroccan. The 17 year old was freed from prison after serving  two-thirds of a two-year sentence for a rape committed against the son of a non-commissioned officer in the gendarmerie.  Two of the others have already been arrested for theft with violence. 

During questioning, the minors didn’t express the slightest remorse. On the contrary, they expressed their hatred: they attacked her only because she was French and “the French are all sons of whores”. The judge ordered them to be incarcerated  for gang rape and barbarism, as well as for racism. Valeurs Actuelles



Muslim gang rape in France is getting as bad as in the UK


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  1. you guys get the muslims out but will still have the LEADERS who let them in in the first place. lol. you think its all incompetence?

    they’re playing you, they created the problem to turn you against muslims so now you will have a reason to get into their countries and do their bidding.

    we’re all losers being played.

  2. Did you know, in the middle eastern ancient world, only cult prostitutes covered their entire face. Regular women did wear a head covering, but never covered their faces. So I guess in the ancient world, everyone would think all Muslim women who cover their faces are prostitutes.

  3. Europe- Taking it up the ass and learning the hard way… WAKE THE FUCK UP

  4. it is time, time really time to kick out those muslim bastards out of your countries, wake up, before it is too late. please come out of ur shyness and act, .

  5. Put the rapists pictures up front on the papers or something so people could see, like back in the old days with big capital “WANTED or RAPISTS ALERTS” even when they’re minors! Even make banners to show them to educate public about their ‘misbehavior’ conducts! Absolutely NO NEED TO BLUR their faces so people are aware of who they really are, minors or not. Being a minor doesn’t give any excuse for the barbaric acts they had done to the victims! Rapists should have capital punishments, imo! Enuff said!

  6. The only way to stop these Muslim pigs from raping anyone is to execute them swiftly.
    Either that or castrate them thourghly.

  7. O lady you are the mother, nature, creator, energy and knowledge. We seek you blessing, we seek your blessings because our existence is due to you. In any form you are worshippable .

  8. The almighty United States president is muslim…
    a lot of countrys are getting close to that stage that the muslims are going to have control…it’s no wonder why hate between Russia and other countrys is growing.
    In Russia muslims get battered day by day on the streets,buses…organizad neo-nazi gangs are making that happen…
    but other goverments protect them,so they can destroy everything that we love…and the most funny thing is that they can get away with it…

  9. I thought Europeans weren’t allowed to arrest muslimes? I thought muslimes can only ever be victims, even when they rape, torture, murder, steal and kill? This report must be false. Remember: Muslimes = victims.

  10. they must flog these muslim youngsters first then deport them and their familys back to there own countrys and get them away from decent society

  11. What do you expect, France is a muslim country anyway..what a shame for Europe..can’t you fucking stop them entering to your country??!!!

  12. Since this girl was a youth, Generation Identitaire picked up on the story immediately and they are beyond enraged. I noticed their “likes” on Facebook shot up by about 150 in the span of a few hours after this story broke. The story has been shared by over 400 patriots and the comments are filled with rage, unspeakable rage. They explicitly targeted Valls as well.

    A sample of some of the comments, roughly translated:

    “Time to vote FN, I don’t care anymore if people despise me for it!”
    “Racism against whites DOES exist, stupid people! And all the racists are foreigners!”
    “We will never forget, never forgive!”
    “Let’s bring back the guillotine.” (A lot of calls for the guillotine).

    The youth are rumbling, angry, and don’t think they’ll let this go unpunished. If I was the French government I’d be watching my back right about now.

    • der K, Someone from GI emailed me that he liked BNI. I told him I would love to post more stories about GI but they are all in French and it takes too long to translate each one to see which are good to post. He said he is going to try and get them to do more in English.

      • Excellent! I’m so happy to hear the GI guys are reading your blog and are supporters. I know they’re in contact with the other European identity movements, so maybe we can have more youth coming on board and sharing the actions they’re taking to save Europe. I hope as well they comment and contribute to the blog, they’d be a valuable asset.

  13. Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers”

    DEATH SENTENCE for ALL RAPISTS in ALL COUNTRIES! Every rape is a kidnapping. The terrified rape victims have been seized; held against their will and horribly violated in a dirty, satanic, sexual attack breaking God’s eternal, HOLY LAW.

    Our Precious, Beautiful, MERCIFUL God gave the Death sentence for this evil crime and great sin against Him:

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

    Massive Rape War is how muslims pay back infidels for taking them into their Western countries and financially providing for all their needs. muslims are infamous for their rabid hate for infidel women and children and for decades muslims have been waging a Massive Rape War against infidel women and children in France, Britain and all Europe.

    Cruel Rape Wars ONLY take place in countries which have been conquered by a nation’s enemy, yet our EVIL leaders for decades have ALLOWED muslims to act like a huge, barbaric conquering army waging Massive Rape War against our females.

    Instead of protecting our women and children and repatriating muslims back to their countries, our EVIL leaders have continued to massively colonize our nations with muslims thus enabling muslims to greatly increase their barbaric Rape War against our women and children.

    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    Our women and children rape victims have been severely injured and horribly defiled by dirty, demonic, inhuman muslim sex slaver monsters. But our rape victims are beautiful and innocent in the sight of God.

    By colonizing our nations with muslims, our evil leaders are complicit and are guilty of every violent physical attack; every rape; every gang rape; every torture and every murder muslims commit against our people. Barbaric mass murderer, huge slave trader and rapist, founder of Islam, mohammad, is regarded as the perfect man and role model by practicing muslims.

    Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror.”

    On the Day of Judgment, God will punish our evil leaders along with the muslims for the terrible evil they have perpetrated. God keeps all His promises.

    Bible, Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE. I WILL REPAY, says the LORD. Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend

    Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate
    them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

    Dear God, please help the severely tortured French child and all of our rape victims!

    Satanic Muslim acts are inspired by the Quran and cruel founder of Islam, rapist savage, mohammad.

    LIBERTY GB: Freedom and the West
    …..’In 2011 Sheik Abu Ishak Al Huweini at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected university in the entire Muslim world) proudly told his brother Muslims that it was their duty to engage in violent jihad and that one day each Muslim would have 3 or 4 white Western slaves.’….

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    YES to G-d and Freedom! NO to Islam and Slavery!

    Winston Churchill: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”


    Muslims perpetrate a frightening hostile occupation of Europe and Britain but our wicked leaders REFUSE to protect us! They refuse to send in the military and deport the violent occupier Muslims back to their countries! END the MUSLIM OCCUPATION of EUROPE and BRITAIN!

    Our situation is dire and very desperate! Every one of us must do everything we can to stop the impending horror!

    Paul Weston: Preventing White Genocide

    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues!

    Join the patriotic EDL!

    Join Britain’s Paul Weston’s patriotic counter-jihad political party, LIBERTY GB!

    Brother and sister British infidels, don’t be misled and think that UKIP will help our terrifying situation! Check out Liberty GB’s facebook page:

    One of UKIP’s muslim candidates is called, Farooq, Ummer, along with a statement that says: ‘Stop Racism’. And also tells you to vote UKIP and Make a Real Difference. The difference UKIP have in mind is to make Islam even more powerful!!!

    Join in the fight for Britain and Western civilization! It is a battle we dare not lose! Or the longest, darkest night the world has ever known will descend on our nations! Help LIBERTY GB’s courageous Paul Weston, Jack Buckby and Enza Ferreri get elected!

    It’s open season on our people by Muslims with evil UK leaders’ permission! The anguish and desperate protests of my people:

    EDL Hyde Tony Curtis & Introducing @JamieCasuals.

    • Thanks for sharing Linda. Agree with you 200% . If our leaders had the balls to deport all muslims, stop foreign aid & reapprpriate these funds towards homeland security we’d all be better off

  14. Every day we see more and more evidence of the savagery of these cesspool dwellers and they continue to allow them into Western countries.

    I am appalled by officials who allow it when they cannot help but know this is happening. Until my dying day, I will not understand why anyone would allow their country and culture to be destroyed the way it is now happening.

    The crimes against non-muslims are horrific while muslims themselves are quite safe…they certainly have very little to fear. No one wants to rape their women…or children and they know it.

  15. This appalling treatment of women is predictable: it is instructed in the mosques.
    Is this not the time to sue the Government for inflicting these criminals on society? Politicians are responsible for this invasion and for failing to defend their people.
    It is either culpable intention or culpable negligence.
    Heads should roll.

  16. castration and deportation to their barbaric Islamic country of origin! along with all their unassimilated jihadist family members that spawned this vermin..

  17. If you are French and have a leftist friend, don’t forget to thank him for this and every crime committed by muslims.

    Every time a muslim commits a crime, be polite and say to him “Thanks for this” and if they ask “Why?” tell them “Because you support the ones who bring them here, protect them and let them get their way and do whatever they want to”. They are responsible for each atrocity committed by muslims in NON-muslim countries (and even in “musilim countries”) and you must remind them, you must let them know about their complicity and its consequences. They must be reminded they are accomplices of mass-murder in almost every corner of this world.

  18. why couldn’t the fricking courts just decide to hang them, this wouldn’t give them any chance like the 17 years old who had a prison life before, now still commits this kind of acts. There needs to be a law for any kind of offence regarding life for muslims the punishment is immediate death.

  19. OK folks. All muslims are not rabid, uncivilized rapists and criminals.
    No ! Some, like the folks at C.A.I.R. , are just sneaking liars and demanding warts on the skin of society. You will hear nothing about this from them. They will pray to their monkey moon god (small G intentional) and bang their heads soooo hard that they can’t hear any of the normal muslim behavior.

    • unknown to me that england was going thru the exact things as us white American people in the united states, Not only Muslims but the blacks are given the free reign of terrorizing and murdering whites without any conviction of their crimes and to go against them we are considered racist. it is happening everywhere.

  20. I have worked with inbred Mozman killer zombie jihadists. They are all like this. More don’t behave like this only because they are afraid of being caught and spending time in jail.

  21. Mandatory castration. PERIOD. No more erections – no more rapes. And if they cut off the penis, no more masturbation! Bummer, but what can one do with rabid animals (besides a bullet to the head)?

    • Re: the castration idea…I’m with you. However, let me share that I saw an interview with a rapist who responded to such an idea: I still have my hands, and if you take them away, I still have my mouth, and if you take that away I still have my feet.

    • And those 72 virgins when they get to hell would be useless to them if they were castrated.

      These slimy creatures from the cesspools of the Middle East do not deserve to live. First remove their genitals, stuff them in their mouths and after they have bled out a little, shoot them in the head.

      They do not deserve to live to continue doing these things. France is starting to look like a very scary place and it is a shame, but it sounds as if NO ONE should ever be out alone with a good gun.

    • The machete option is not to be forgotten as it seems to work wonder in Centre Africa Republic…… and u don’t need to reload either

  22. so wait… in one case one of them got out after serving 2/3 thirds of a 2 year sentence for rape because the victims father was A COP??!!

    So in france if your a cop your son can be raped and the creatuer that does it gets a slap?


    In the photo’s they look big, probably older then what they say.

      • Those are security cameras from the subway and suburban transport. Unless there is a call for a “public manhunt” to identify, faces will be blurred when made public.

        Unless of course they’ve all been identified and been found out to be minors (under 18) so…. For instance, here since the bastards -which you can imagine what fate would suit them best- are ALL minors, their identity have not been released.

        AND incidentally, this happened in the town that bastard Valls now first sinister used to be mayor of. Beside running a hell of a bill for he did not leave the finances in the black when he left, you can all imagine the state he left it as well when it comes to security.

        NONE of them and that goes for media/politicians are saying ANYTHING about this, they are keeping quiet and only reinformation sites are talking about it.

        You said enraged ? You bet !

  23. This is the real Islam. Get them out of France. Islam is a cult of sexual depravity. God tells us to rape and kill. The left in France need to be rounded up and jailed.

    • We need to go further: the leftists need the same identical treatment as the muzzies, and THEIR families need to be investigated for any sympathies with Marxist doctrines!!! Those who’re guilty thereof need the same treatment likewise…

  24. Another Perfect Example of the Fruit of Islam.
    The Sooner They’re Availing Themselves of Those 72 Virgins in Paradise, the BETTER!

  25. Recently we had two 16 year old girls raped by 3 Muslims, the media don’t mention at all that the men were of middle eastern appearance, one would think that they don’t want them to get caught, why do they favour these animals over our children? And there was a report out today that sexual assaults have increased significantly, but you can bet they wont be putting two and two together and come up with Islam! They are putting us all in danger by being politically correct, just a matter of time before someone sues the media or the Government for not telling us the truth about the possible dangers they put us in. Our refugee program is meant to save people from danger, not expose Australians to it.

      • Sadly, I strongly fear that even then they’ll still cover up much or all of those happenings. Only when they hit a VERY HIGH level of such events can we HOPE for the dam bursting…

        How I wish to be wrong in this case!!!!

    • The politicians and these media cronies are so far removed from the situation it isn’t funny. i often laugh when i hear the hosts Sunrise and the today show ramble on about how there “average aussies” and they see no problem/its only a minority. It’s easy to say that when you live in the North Shore Or Mosman but out west its becoming a major problem. Rapes, Gang Violence (they have infiltrated the bikie gangs), Random Shootings (it’s like every second day almost), Assaults, Polygamy, Child “Marriages” (there not even sure how many or how often this is happening), Our police get dragged over the coals for wanting to remove there spook outfit and see who there dealing with etc.

      These tv networks run P.R campaigns, omit information , All while we have these phony hosts on million dollar a year salaries living in rich white communities peddling loaded words like islamophobe, racist to silence opposition to immigration or opinion on a religion. We give air time to these brain dead morons like Kenneth Roth from the Human Rights Watch on Q&A a week ago who tells us “there’s a million syrian refugee’s that could settle in Australia tomorrow” basically egging us on to increase the cap on immigration and telling where us not pulling our weight with refugee’s. The other guest Mona saying where a racist, intolerant,bigoted country…. SHE’S FROM EGYPT mind you and shes an expert on “tolerance”..oh the irony

      we are getting in this mess because these leftist bastards are taking over our media, we are about 10 years behind Europe…

      • we need to make sure the turks know they aren’t european..not wanted and their rapist parasitical country fellows will be kicked out….death to all muslims is the only way…

    • I notice channel 9 and Abc arr pro-islam. Every time a Mutslim screws up, do a PR campaign on their channels for Islam. But channel 7 occasionally exposes Islam. Whenever you see a Q & A session on Islam, they will always put an anglo-saxon convert like Susan Carland and let her spit her pro-sharia gibberish. I can’t believe she is a lecturer in the university.

  26. There should be new laws to castrate these savages that do this kind of crime against the modern world as they will never be able to live in civilization like normal people.

  27. Cut their balls off, give them a sex change, put a red dress on them. Then drop them in a moslem zone to take care of the moslems. That will be justice.

    • Forget the sex change: for those who actually participated in this deed, I’d simply throw them alive into a red-hot incinerator while steel or something else is being made (it should be not less than 1,000° Centigrade so they faint from immediate heatstroke!), the idea being that they perish right in the midst of the fires and get reduced to total ashes that then would no longer even be recognisable.

      Then all their male relatives (including first- and second-cousins) should (as joydbrower suggested) be surgically castrated (including the removal of the penis) and immediately then dumped into the countries they stem from, dressed as Western women (any Western converts would be sent to Iran or Saudi Arabia!) – and without ANY POSSESSIONS or papers. All their women relatives would all be given ovario-hysterectomies and then dumped in the same way – all in Western dress including mini-skirts!!!

      This way, no bullets would be needed (not to mention burial/cremation expenses), only the medical costs plus the transportation and parachutes!!! Those layouts could all be justified as “helping the local economy”… [Pilots, plane-manufacturers, doctors, parachute-makers would all benefit.]

    • I’m with you….but would prefer delivering a shotgun blast to the groin, then let them bleed out. Sorry, no love lost for rapists or child molesters of any type.