France: 18-year-old girl raped by 4 Muslim minors “because she is French and the French are all sons of whores”

A young French girl of 18 gets off the train at Évry station. At the exit, while using her cell phone, 4 Muslim teenagers abduct her and take her to a neighboring park. They rob her of everything she has, then undress her and take turns raping her.


DMF  An indescribable rape of savage cruelty, the four tortured her for several hours before abandoning her, wounded and bleeding. A passing motorist stopped to help her and called emergency services. The girl is now traumatized for life. Thanks to her detailed descriptions and CCTV images, the Évry police arrest the four suspects in less than 24 hours and get them with their DNA.


The four Muslim thugs are minors: two are 13, one 15, the fourth 17. Three of them are Turkish brothers, and the other Moroccan. The 17 year old was freed from prison after serving  two-thirds of a two-year sentence for a rape committed against the son of a non-commissioned officer in the gendarmerie.  Two of the others have already been arrested for theft with violence. 

During questioning, the minors didn’t express the slightest remorse. On the contrary, they expressed their hatred: they attacked her only because she was French and “the French are all sons of whores”. The judge ordered them to be incarcerated  for gang rape and barbarism, as well as for racism. Valeurs Actuelles



Muslim gang rape in France is getting as bad as in the UK