The rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Muslim-Brotherhood-symbolThe election of Mohamed Morsi nearly destroyed Egypt in just one year. The people revolted and Morsi was brought down by the Egyptian Army and constitutional law. Now, not only has Egypt declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain have done so as well.

Yet the United States, United Kingdom, and most of the EU still support the Muslim Brotherhood. Ask yourselves why.

Egyptian woman, Eman Nabih, writes:

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s symbol is the sword, their message is revenge and terror. One year under the Brotherhood tore apart our unity. They divided our land and sold it to our enemies. They opened our borders widely for mercenaries and terrorists. They released terrorists from prisons to terrorize our community. It was either to rule us by force or burn everything in our homeland.

Brotherhood humiliated our humanity, dignity and pride. They raped childhood innocence at the age of 9. They cut girls hair in schools to force the veil. They practiced Circumcision against females to kill natural feelings given by god.

They incited Muslims against Christians. They incited us against each others with hateful speeches. They burned Christians churches and forced them to leave their homes. They called Christians enemies of God. They treated us like enemies. They undermined our State sovereignty. They exposed our national security to danger. They cut relations with our neighbors and created enmity between Arabs and Egyptians.