Awwwww…IRS scam targets Muslims

images-2Terror-linked CAIR (Council on anti-American Islamic Relations) is whining that, “Not all police departments are taking the threat, or Muslim victims’ complaints, seriously. I don’t think the government agencies are doing enough to get ahead of this scam,”  said Rabya Khan, staff attorney for CAIR-Chicago.

The phone rings, and the caller claims to be with Chicago police and demands money to prevent arrest or deportation. So far, there are 20,000 complaints, mostly immigrants, swindled out of a million dollars by bogus IRS agents and local cops.

CAIR Chicago has had a number of complaints that Chicago police discourage victims from filing police reports. “She’s like, ‘We are not going to follow up on it, even if you report it, we are not going to do anything about it until they charge you the money.’ She didn’t want us to file the report and we insisted,” said Samah Azeez.