BRITAIN FIRST leader, Paul Golding, arrested on charges of “racism” for telling al-Qaeda operative, Sajeel Shahid, to get out of town

b500b4f38dfa745899efae0bf4a87a7ePaul has now been released on bail. The trumped-up charges were: ‘racially’ aggravated harassment, possession of ‘racially’ inflammatory material and distribution of ‘racially’ inflammatory material.

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Britain First (h/t Allan Ivarsson) Firstly, there is no reference to either race or religion in the leaflet “No hate preachers in Hepburn Close,” none at all, anywhere. The leaflet simply repeats and disseminates information relating to Sajeel Shahid and his previous activities, all of which have been widely reported on by mainstream newspapers. 


“I can confirm that we have had many, many residents of Chafford Hundred thanking us for letting them know what a dangerous terrorist lives in their midst.”


First of all Islam is not a race. Second, ‘harassment’ is not applicable to a single incident as this was. Third, police raided Golding’s home and turned it upside down. Golding  was questioned about delivering leaflets for no less than 2 and a half hours. So, there wasn’t any “racial” aspect, and it wasn’t harassment, but that didn’t stop Essex police trying their best to cause me and my family as much aggravation as possible.

You have to ask, why do the police jump so readily and enthusiastically to protect an Al Qaeda terror camp trainer who has blood on his hands?

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