FRANCE: ‘NO GO’ zone Muslim areas where non-Muslims, especially white non-Muslims, dare not go

1348425635-hardline-islamists-protest-outside-the-french-embassy-in-london_14672841Anti-white racist attacks by Muslims in France are soaring and the excuse is “Islam.” Islamic holy books command violence, torture, and even killing of unbelievers who refuse to accept Islam. The only alternative is to become a ‘dhimmi,’ which means you can live among Muslims, but cannot practice your religion and must pay a special ‘infidel’ tax.

Support Generation Identitaire – young Frenchmen protesting against the Balkanization of their county and acting as roving security patrols to prevent Muslim attacks against whites in the subway and on buses. Elect Marine Le Pen of Front National for president in 2017.


h/t paris p