TENNESSEE: CAIR Nazis cheer their success in strong-arming a Knoxville high school into silencing Act! for America’s presentation on sharia law

islam_no_free_speech-statue-of-libertyAnti-First Amendment Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Council on ‘anti’ American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), today said it has joined with concerned Muslims in Tennessee in welcoming cancellation of what they call an “anti-Muslim” event scheduled for April 24 at a Farragut High School.


“We appreciate the prompt and appropriate response to concerns of Muslim parents and others that hosting this event in a public school would send an implicit message of endorsement for the bigoted views of the speakers,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper. “We welcome the decision by the superintendent of Knox County Schools to help ensure that they remain a safe place for all students,” said American Center for Outreach Director of Policy Remziya Suleyman.


WATE  ACT! For America had planned on hosting what they called a town hall meeting to learn about Shari’a law, but Islamofascist groups like CAIR believe the group is doing more harm than good.

“It’s kind of an aggressive tone on the flyer,” said AbdelRahman Murphy. A flyer directing people to the town hall meeting by ACT! for America discussing Islam recently caught the attention of some people in the Knoxville Muslim community. Murphy is the University of Tennessee Muslim Chaplain. He says he was contacted by a friend who saw it and raised concerns.


“Part of what makes America great is the ability to have discussions and unfortunately we may disagree with some of those discussions, and so as the Muslim community of Knoxville we’re not in disagreement about whether people should be allowed to have discussions or you know the venues where,” said Murphy. (BULLSHIT)

This venue just happens to be Farragut High School, and some feel this type of event should not be allowed there. “Feel free hosting it anywhere else by renting out a banquet hall, but to host it at a public place is one that is not comfortable for the rest of us to know about,” said Murphy.

6 News reached out to the Knoxville chapter of ACT! for America. They say it is about education. “He is going to be coming to share with us his expertise on what Shari’a law can be doing to Tennessee and to America as a whole,” said John Peach with ACT! For America. “We feel like it’s very important that we have our public institutions take part in this because it’s not meant to be a religious thing. It’s not a political thing. It’s particularly for education purposes,” said Peach.