There is nothing irrational or ‘racist’ about ‘Islamophobia’


It occurred to me, a while back, that I’d never heard anyone use the word Christophobia.  It seemed to me that, given the world’s great post-modern fear of Christian morality, accusations of Christophobia ought to abound. So I googled ‘Christophobia,’ and sure enough, there were a few hits – around 33,000 – a mere pittance compared with Islamophobia, at around 6 million hits. Hmmm … 

The405Media  We often hear words like Islamophobia thrown around, mostly at conservatives, usually as pejoratives; so why don’t we hear much about Christophobia?

  • When was the last time you heard a Christian angrily deriding someone, shouting down an opponent as Christophobic, or in any other way anti-Christian? It never happens.
  • Christians don’t riot when someone portrays Jesus on a cross upside-down, or in a glass of piss.
  • Christians don’t kill over a mis-handled Bible.
  • Christians don’t issue death threats at every perceived insult.
  • Christians don’t perceive everything as an insult in the first place.


Christianity is a true religion of peace. But even so, lots of people want to kill it. It must be really threatening. So, why aren’t more people called Christophobic? Investigating further, this one piece stood out, exploring Islamist Christophobia:

The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World, by … Ayaan Hirsi Ali; the same Ayaan Hirsi Ali over whom Brandeis University recently humiliated itself; the great Ayaan Hirsi Ali, crusader for Islamic women’s rights, crusader for freedom from Islamo-fascist oppression, and survivor of Islamo-fascist oppression.


CAIR called Hirsi Ali Islamophobic. Ha! A terrorist organization calling someone Islamophobic! Kind of lends credence to the point about pejoratives, doesn’t it?

Here are the types of things that a literal Western Christophobe would be afraid of:

  • disapproval of promiscuous sex
  • disapproval of the mainstreaming of homosexuality
  • disapproval of abortion
  • disapproval of breaking any of the Ten Commandments

Here are the types of things that a literal Western Islamophobe would be afraid of:

  • beheadings for offending the Koran
  • murderous attacks on civilians
  • punishment of death for religious conversion
  • being stoned to death for showing a body part
  • being killed for being homosexual
  • being raped for complaining about being raped
  • violent jihad against people of other faiths
  • having a hand cut off as punishment for a crime
  • the imposition of sharia law on our legal system


It seems to me that there is a case to be made for Islamophobia. I see no case at all for Christophobia. Does that explain why we hear so much more about Islamophobia? Na! Clearly, words like Islamophobic are most often used not to define people like Hirsi Ali, but to attack them – straw man arguments.

The denigration of people as Islamophobic is less amusing given the current rise of Islamism across the globe. As Arab Spring became Islamist Winter, Christian communities are under attack in Syria, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Pakistan, and elsewhere.


Islamists dream of the Caliphate. They no more want America to exist as a free country than Islamic Jihad wants Israel to exist. It seems quite unreasonable to dismiss concern about all this as Islamophobia. Paradoxically, it seems quite reasonable for Christians  to be Islamophobic.

As the old saying goes, “it’s not paranoia if they really are out to kill you.”