What is France doing about the stealth Islamization of its public schools?

Virtually nothing. A confidential report of the French intelligence services, acquired by ‘Le Figaro,’ reveals that, in an insidious manner, a type of Islamic communitarianism is closing in on several French educational institutions.

Quatre lyceennes se disent menacees d'exclusion au lycee Blanqui

DMF  Wearing of the veil in schoolyards, demanding halal meals in the canteen, chronic absenteeism during religious festivals, clandestine prayers in the gymnasiums or corridors… In an insidious manner, Muslim communitarianism is occupying territory within the French educational system.

This confidential report exposes the facts that most politicians choose to ignore. The document, which is about 15 pages and dates from 28 November last year, contains at least 70 detailed examples of Islamization taking place all across France. 


With the goal of destabilizing the teaching staff, it has been revealed by police that disciples of the fundamentalist Islamic tradition, have been trying to thwart the March 2004 law banning all religious symbols in schools. In a war of attrition which has rendered the teachers powerless, the self-proclaimed ‘young guardians of Islamic orthodoxy’ put pressure on young Muslims to ignore the rules re: religion in educational institutions.

“During Muslim religious festivals, especially Eid al Fitr, classes are virtually deserted in Muslim areas where rates of absenteeism approach 90% in the Islamic ghettos of Nîmes,  Toulouse, and Marseilles. A teacher in a secondary school in the north districts says that some of his pupils pray with such fervor that they have a “blue stain on their forehead from banging their heads on the ground.”

Patriotic French youth members of ‘Generation Identitaire’ are fighting Islamization and failed multiculturalism: