AUSTRALIA: Muslims can’t understand why their mosque was vandalized for the second time in two weeks

I’ll give you three guesses. Vandals have trashed an Islamic community centre in Canberra’s south, causing hundreds-of-thousands of dollars damage. It is the second time the Canberra Islamic Centre at Monash has been vandalised in a fortnight.


ABC (h/t DI)  Centre president Azra Khan says the facility was trashed some time on Sunday. “They haven’t left anything intact,” she said. “There’s holes in the walls. The lights have been demolished, the main power board has been demolished. They knew exactly what they were doing, we can’t operate any of the lights.

“Paintings have been ripped off the walls, artworks donated to the centre have been damaged.” There is graffiti on the external walls and the library has also been upturned. Five televisions that had been replaced after the first attack were also destroyed.

Mrs Khan says the centre will have to consider further security measures. “I think it’s because it’s an Islamic centre,” she said. “Clearly they don’t like us. Clearly there’s a bunch of people who have been targeting the centre. I think it’s the same people.”