AUSTRALIA: Muslim brawl breaks out after three Muslims were convicted of brawling with police

image.aspxMoments after three Muslim brothers were convicted over a brawl with police, there was screaming, punching and wailing as another altercation with officers erupted at a Sydney court.

SMH (h/t Marina)  Dozens of police officers have been involved in a brawl inside a Sydney court with a family on trial for brawling with police.

One officer was “smacked in the face” during the fight, witness and 2UE court reporter Leonie Ryan said. The fight broke out minutes after Adel, Hussain and Ali Mehanna were convicted of numerous offences, including affray, resisting arrest and assaulting police during a fight that broke out outside their Bankstown home on January 1, 2013.


Five Mehanna family members were facing police assault charges after the brawl. Ali Mehanna, who was allegedly involved in Tuesday’s scrum on level four, kept screaming: “This is police brutality. Ryan said Adel Mehanna was inside the dock of the courtroom when he started screaming: “I’m going to f—ing kill you.”

Officers then stormed in as Corrective Services attempted to take him away. “We walked out of court, we were standing outside the doors and all of a sudden we just hear screaming. We turned around and it was almost like a football match brawl,” she said.

As bewildered members of staff and the public stared on, six officers tried to restrain one of the brothers who lay writhing on the floor, screaming: “Help me, somebody help me.” His mother Rafah Mehanna wailed and screamed out “No, no”. She was later taken from the court in an ambulance.


“There were punches being thrown everywhere. It was just fists flying everywhere and screaming.” She said one police officer was punched in the face before a man was tackled to the ground and handcuffed.

Ali Mehanna told reporters outside the court that his brother, who was arrested over the brawl, was the victim of an “unprovoked attack”. “They provoked my brother as he walked out, they found a reason and then ‘bang’ they jumped on him,” Ali Mehanna said.

Family supporter Hassan Anthony kept repeating the words “police brutality”. “They hit him [a family] to the face, they kneed him in the back,” Mr Anthony said. “There was no mercy, all because they [police officers] are wearing the colour blue,” he said.