Remember Todd Fine, the leftist Jewish writer who was outraged that the 9/11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero makes mention of “Islamic terrorism?”


Apparently Todd, who back in WWII, would have found his calling as one of the useful (Judenrat) idiots for Hitler, is upset at the justified criticism he got from BNI as well as other sites that picked up the story.

ORIGINAL BNI STORY: leftist-writer-todd-fine-is-outraged-that-the-911-memorial-museum-at-ground-zero-will-make-references-to-islamic-terrorism

Here are some excerpts from Todd’s latest piece on this subject. If you want to read more about this self-hating Jew’s pandering to Islamic terrorists, click HERE


Sunday’s shooting at a Jewish community center in Kansas reminds us of the violent anti-Semitism that stubbornly persists. For people of Jewish ancestry, the news activated deeply-seated anxieties and fears – traces of the pogroms, genocide and everyday discriminations of the past. Even more troublesome for me, this disturbing event in the public eye coincided with threats and anti-Semitic insults that I received last week after writing about the September 11 Museum at the World Trade Center. As a person of Jewish ancestry (Hey Todd, I am Jewish, too), I received these threats, not from the Ku Klux Klan, but from popular anti-Islam websites such as “Bare Naked Islam.”

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Indeed, these individuals went to great lengths to intimidate and to defend their warped perspective. Aggressive and tasteless websites such as “Bare Naked Islam,” “Weasel Zippers,” iOwnTheWorld,” and “Patriot Update” attacked my article, as well as myself with my “Jewish-sounding name,” in an echo chamber of hatred and hostility. Several comments made subtle, and not so subtle, violent threats.

A comment on Bare Naked Islam stated: “People like Todd need to be removed from the public eye. I’m sure there must be some way of doing this.”

One on Patriot Update warned: “[i]f you keep this crap up you might be visiting those who were killed!”

And another on Weasel Zippers exclaimed: “You can only dispatch a politician with your vote, you can dispatch these cockroach journalists with relevant ease. DO IT…”


In addition to the problem with the term “Islamic terrorism,” the museum’s advance materials also reference the term “jihadi.” This word, like the phrase “Islamic terrorism,” is not accepted by most ‘scholars’ of Islam. (Gee, is Todd also a paid shill for CAIR?) It is not even a valid noun in Arabic and it often functions as a slur, dehumanizing its recipients much like the words “gook” or “Judenschwein.” Its repeated appearance in the museum’s advance materials is yet another sign of the need for further scholarly review of their exhibition before it opens in five short weeks. (Hey Todd, have you ever read the quran where the word “jihad” is used countless times?)

On the iOwnTheWorld website, one comment on the post about my article asked: “Isn’t Mr. Todd Fine Jewish? Why is he colluding with the enemies of our country?”

The question is absurd and disgusting. It is precisely my Jewish ancestry that makes me extraordinarily concerned about the narrative content of the September 11 Memorial Museum, and about the rhetorical violence directed constantly toward Arabs and Muslims. I will always condemn Islamophobia with the same ferocity that mainstream society condemns anti-Jewish discrimination.

Mr. Fine is obviously of the same anti-American traitorous mindset as the leftist loons at the Daily Kos: