EGYPT UPDATE on the move by Obama, Turkey, and Qatar to overthrow the Egyptian government and reinstate the Muslim Brotherhood

As previously reported, Barack Hussein Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood allies in Turkey and Qatar are backing what they call the “Egyptian Liberation Army,” similar to the Free Syrian Army of jihadists, now mainly controlled by al Qaeda, with the goal of turning Egypt into a radical Islamic state.

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EMAN NABIH  According to different sources, the attempts to create a Free Egyptian Army in Libya have been identified, with the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and Al Qaeda, and under US- Qatari-Turkish-Iranian patronage, in addition to plans to target vital installations, including Cairo International Airport, the storming of prisons to free Muslim Brothers detainees, and spreading chaos to sabotage the presidential elections in Egypt. Furthermore, there are factories run by Terrorists camps located in Gaza and Libya for manufacturing the uniform of the Egyptian Armed and police forces.

Some Libyan fronts provided the Egyptian concerned authorities with information contains plans and documentations which exposed the plans of the “Liberation Army” to attack military units and establishments in Matrouh City in Egypt, and the terrorists elements offside to the Delta cities in Egypt like Mansoura and Sharqia cities. The information also revealed that Muslim Brotherhood managed to include African elements in joining the “Liberation Army” in return of a large amounts of money. And the Muslim Brotherhood International Organization’s support and finance to the “Rebels movement in Libya.

Elibiary is now a top officials in the US Dept of Homeland Security
Elibiary, a Muslim Broterhood member, is now a top official in the US Dept of Homeland Security

Intelligence bodies monitored an expected visit by “Anas Altikrity” a Muslim Brotherhood leader in the MB international Organization, to the “Liberation Army camps in Libya”. Right now, the “Liberation Army” is working under the symbol of “The Islamic Liberation Army of Libya”, in order to prevent that Egypt interfere in Libya with a military attack to hit terrorists camps, especially after the Egyptian Armed Forces announcement, the creation of “Rapid Deployment Forces” For fighting Terrorism.

Abd Elbasset Azuz, the counselor of Ayman Al-Zawahiry (Al Qaeda leader) is handling the supervision and the establishment of the “Liberation army” camps and training in Sirte, Benghazi and Dirna cities in Libya, with the assistance of Yussef Taher, Ismail Alsalaby and the Egyptian Sarwat Salah Shihata (who was arrested recently in 6 October city in Egypt by the Egyptian concerned authorities) and he provided the Egyptian authorities with a lot of information about the Liberation Army in Libya and their plans.


After the arrest of Sarwat Salalh Shihata in Egypt, he was replaced by Nasser Alhushy. Further information also revealed that Alsalaby who is the founder of the liberation army in Libya, has a very good and close relations and communications with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Muslim Brothers consider him the Intelligence responsible of Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and he is the mediator and the link between Muslim Brothers of Egypt and Muslim Brothers of Tripoli Libya.

Video of Call recording of Ismail AlSalaby the leader of “Liberation Egyptian Army in Libya and the Intelligence responsible of Muslim Brotherhood Organization in Libya. In this call he was discussing 3000 militants entry to the Egyptian territories to execute terror attacks with a guy called Abd ElSalam. They were also arguing with each other about who was the Boss and who was in control of giving orders and having control on things in general and special tasks and the ammunition supplies. Islmail AlSalaby also threatened Abd Elsalam in this call that any traitor among them will get immediately terminated and assassinated.


According to security bodies in Egypt, General Sameh Alyazl revealed that this liberation army works under the leadership of “Sherif Alradwany” Egyptian terrorist element who participated in the Jihad wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan. He also mentioned that Mahmoud Ezzat the Muslim Brotherhood leader who managed to escape from Egypt after 30/6 revolt, is participating in instructing these terrorists groups in Libya and also the Muslim Brothers students in the Egyptian universities who recently joined the Liberation army and are launching terror attacks inside the universities in Egypt and against armed and police forces.

General Alyazl also indicated that Asaad Alshekha, former security counselor of Mohamed Mursi, was supervising personally the training and the arming of the Groups of Martyrs 17 February in Libya and he visited their camps when Mursi was in power. And Abd El Karim Belhag the former leader in Al-Qaeda organization and the revolutionaries leader in Libya is the attachment between the Qatari Intelligence and February 17th militias and he is transferring money to these terrorists from Doha.

VIDEO: Muslim Brotherhood called for Islamists to join the Egyptian Liberation Army 11 August 2013. Subtitled in English.

Abd Elsalam Bassiuny railed against the Egyptian Armed forces and called for Islamist Jihad against the Egyptian Military – and confirmed that they must work on destroying the Army institution and God will support and help Islamist and Muslim Brothers in their jihad war against the Egyptian Armed forces.

The following video is showing armed forces of military militias convoys in Libya under the name of “Shura Council of Islamist youth of Dirna in libya”. It is also showing a long line of SUVS carrying medium and heavy weapons and going on a mountain road and carrying the black flag of Al-qaeda.

In another clip, a group of masked men performing military exercises in a desert area in libya, and they were dressed in black . They held the title of the section ” training the Mujahideen (Islamist militants), The second part of Islamic Emirate of Libya.”

The following video shows the huge quantities of ammunition and weapons in the Libyan desert that mercenaries and terrorists have in hands. Video dated 25/1/2012. Someone asked a very good question: Where the hell all this money come from? (Can everyone say Barack Hussein Obama?)

Another video showing the terrorists and Muslim Brotherhood militias training in Gaza for the “Liberation Army” to launch terror attacks against Egypt and against the Egyptian armed forces. The video also shows the symbol of Muslim Brothers organization and “Rabaa’s armed sit-in sign” Four fingers.

All the concerned authorities in Egypt, including the Armed forces are aware of these terrorists camps in Libya and ready to launch military attacks in case of any terror attacks attempts against the Egyptian territory.

The US-MB-Qatari-Turkish-Iranian and Muslim Brothers patronage to terrorists camps are targeting to attack the Egyptian territory not only through the Egyptian Libyan borders, but also through other terrorists camps that exist in Gaza, Sudan, Yemen and the terrorists leaders centers in Ankara, Tehran, Doha and Khartoum. This is in addition to the terrorist attacks launched inside Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood and their militias, in order to bring down the Egyptian State.

Mideast Egypt

Egyptian sovereign sources declared that Egyptian concerned authorities have information that representatives of the Iranian revolutionary Guards also visited Libya in secret and had meetings with some Egyptian terrorist elements in “Al-Baroudy Gulf” Iranian Area, and agreed on Iran’s support to the leaders of the “Liberation Army” – to provide them with special wireless devices for decoding the Egyptian devices and night imaging devices to monitor the borders.

In addition, Egyptian sovereign sources confirmed that they monitored direct communications between officials responsible in Qatar and in Iran with the participation of a famous Turkish businessman who is the mediator of Muslim Brotherhood organization, they discussed the recent situation in Egypt.

On 20/3/2014, Libya asked for International Urgent support and the United Nations help to Libya in fighting terrorism inside the Libyan territories, after many Libyan cities got under the control of different terrorists groups, specially the oil fields. Did the International community or the United Nations respond to the Libyan SOS? Of course not!


Libya is ruled by about 1700 groups which include armed and terrorist Militias led by Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda Organization:

After the fall of Qaddafi’s regime in Libya which was sponsored and financed by US, NATO and the blessings of the United Nations, Libya has no army and what’s left of it can’t do anything to protect the country. A useless temporary Government that can’t even protect itself.   Libya is ruled right now by 1700 armed groups of militias who serve the Muslim Brotherhood, Jihadi armed groups and Al Qaeda Organization.

They are leading thousands of Armed Militias in Libya in launching terror attacks inside Libya against foreign diplomats, official institutions and the representatives of the temporary government, opposition parties and civilians.They are turning all cities in Libya into separate and divided Islamic Emirates ruled under Islamic Sharia Laws.


Hopefully during Morsi’s upcoming trial, the Egyptian Army will release the documents providing evidence of Barack Hussein Obama’s $8 billion secret deal with ousted president Mohamed Morsi to turn 40% of  the Sinai over to Hamas.

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