EGYPT: Threats made by the Muslim Brotherhood thugs before and after the June 30th uprising and removal of Mohamed Morsi and the Brotherhood

This video, translated into English, came from my Egyptian friend, Eman Nabih. It’s too bad Congress and most of the American people will never get to see this. This is what General el-Sisi, hopefully the next president of Egypt, is up against. This is what Barack Hussein Obama welcomes into his administration.

Note: Mohamed Morsi is referred to as ‘Mursi’ in this video. Keep in mind, that Barack Hussein Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood radicals shown in this video, the same Muslim Brotherhood which has been designated a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain, but NOT by the US, UK or the EU.

Eman Nabih

And not just Obama, it looks like Bill and Hillary Clinton have been tight with the Muslim Brotherhood thugs in Washington for a long time: leaked-photos-released-emails-show-clintons-in-bed-muslim-brotherhood