Hey, MUSLIMS! You have only yourselves to thank for this kind of treatment at the airport

Muslim is upset because his two-year-old and six-year-old children were subjected to an intrusive patdown by the TSA at the airport.

From khan zahir100, who says:  “TSA pat down my 2 and 6 year old because they touch me & I was selected as usual for enhanced security check because of my name. Can they do that? When I ask why my kids the answer was because they came in close contact with me so they have to pat down them & my wife in a very rude manner. I was in shock. Till this day I cant forget what they did to my children how can they do this to children.”

(Hey Khan, it is precisely because of people like you with Muslim names that we all have to be subjected to this kind of  TSA scrutiny. Your kids could be wearing suicide bomb belts. Get  out of my country if you don’t like it)