God Bless the Republicans in Murfreesboro, TN – still fighting against the oversized mosquetrosity that is now an eyesore in the neighborhood

Jimmy_Evans_TennesseeSome say a campaign flyer in the race for Rutherford County mayor goes too far. The mailer uses fake Arabic writing, and it all goes back to the fight over the Murfreesboro mosque.

The mailer already has gotten the attention of  terror-linked CAIR (Council on American/Islamic Relations). The group is asking the Tennessee GOP to repudiate the anti-mosque mailer which uses fake Arabic. “It is unconscionable for any candidate to stoop to such a low level of campaigning by appealing to bigotry and promoting religious divisions. We hope to see such blatant prejudice repudiated by GOP officials in Tennessee,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper. (Don’t hold your breath, Dougie)