TEXAS: Knife-wielding Iranian Muslim arrested again for terrorist threats at a Walmart

MehrzadMalekzadeh2For the 2nd time, an Iranian Muslim man was arrested, this time at a Walmart in Kemah, Texas.  Mehrzad Malekzadeh (photo right) of Sugar Land, Texas was arrested for carrying a knife and having unidentified devices in his pockets and attached to his body. Back in 2011, he was arrested carrying poisonous materials around a train, and saying that he wanted to “bury argon.”

Police strip-searched the perp checking for bombs
Police strip-search the terrorist wannabe checking for bombs

In a 4-hour standoff, Kemah police say they were dispatched around 9 a.m. to the Walmart in the 200 block of FM 518 after a witness reported seeing a knife-wielding, masked man inside a car who was initially at a nearby Target. The suspect, who was later identified as 35-year-old Mehrzad Malekzadeh of Sugar Land, then moved to the Walmart parking lot. When authorities arrived, they say Malekzadeh had several unknown devices in his pockets and attached to his body. Malekzadeh was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and hoax bomb. Malekzadeh was being transferred to the Galveston County Jail.