If you think Winston Churchill (and today’s Paul Weston of LibertyGB) are alarmists for their dire warnings about creeping Islamization, take a look at some recent headlines out of the UK


LibertyGB  Despite the wealth of information on Islamic crimes and the Islamization of the UK, only around 1% of these articles and news pieces make any connection whatsoever between Islam itself and what it is all these journalists are reporting on. In fact there isn’t a single article which explicitly does so.

This isn’t a surprise. If a writer, or especially an investigative journalist, chose to focus on the clear and obvious relation between Islam itself and these various crimes and misdemeanors, he would probably risk or even lose his job. And if that’s true of investigative journalists, think how much truer it is of politicians, councillors, regional journalists, etc. Even Andrew Gilligan of The Telegraph, as far as I know, has never made explicit connections between Islam and all the Muslim-related issues he’s reported on over the last ten years or so. (As an investigative journalist, I don’t suppose it’s his job to join the dots between the many things he’s reported on and Islam itself.)


What we have, instead, is the absurd situation of many non-Muslims pontificating on the fact that all these jihadists, groomers, imams, ‘radicals’, etc. are ‘distorters’ or ‘misinterpreters’ of Islam. These are people who up until ten or even five years ago had never given Islam a second’s thought. And now we have the perverse situation in which the non-Muslim Judge Sweeneys and David Camerons of this world are telling literally millions of Muslims that they’ve “betrayed Islam”. (Both Cameron and Sweeney used exactly the same phrase in reference to the Islamic murder of Lee Rigby.)




1st April, 2014: “Now TWELVE schools are being investigated by Ofsted amid claims hard-line Muslims are trying to indoctrinate pupils

11th March, 2014: Terror plotter employed at school targeted by radicals

9th March, 2014: “Head teacher ‘forced out by Muslim zealots

23rd February, 2014: Top academy investigated for ‘sidelining’ non-Muslim staff

2nd February, 2014: Primary pupils to be warned of extremist threat

15th December, 2013: Women barred from speaking at university seminar

14th December, 2013: Campus segregation: ‘religious freedom’ cannot be allowed to trump equality

17th November, 2013: Muslim school told to axe board or lose funding

27th October, 2013: Islamist convict linked to child tuition centre

17th October, 2013: “Al Madinah: Muslim free school ‘in chaos’ according to new Ofsted report

13th October, 2013: Muslim free school in spotlight over £95,000 payments

6th October, 2013: Pupils should cover up, says Blair’s sister-in-law

6th October, 2013: Hijab only’ state school faces closure

3rd October, 2013: Teenagers banned from school for refusing to shave their beards

29th September, 2013: Pupils ordered to wear hijab out of school

22nd September, 2013: No fairy tales or singing for pupils

16th September, 2013: “Should Muslim veils be lifted in schools?

26th May, 2013: “Boris Johnson: Ban Islamic groups teaching segregated university lectures

28th April, 2013: “Home tutors in jihadist inquiry

21st April, 2013: “Anglican school that is 75% Muslim drops hymns




2nd March, 2014: “Shocking toll of child victims in biggest UK sex grooming ring reaches 80

31st December, 2013: “Sex gangs’ Asian label insults us, say Hindus and Sikhs

21st December, 2013: “Sex gang jailed in scandal of abuse of poor white girls in Rochdale

21st December, 2013: Police ignored victims of Rochdale child sex grooming gang because they were from COUNCIL ESTATES

9th December, 2013: “Labour MP Simon Danczuk: ‘Sex trafficking crimes ARE a racial issue’

19th October, 2013: “Rochdale child sex grooming gang are refused leave to appeal

7th September, 2013: Brierfield sex grooming gang member is jailed

4th September, 2013: “British Sikh girls at risk of ‘sexual grooming

2nd September, 2013: “Rising tensions’ between Muslims and Sikhs over hidden pattern of sex grooming

2nd September, 2013: “Muslim Rape Gangs Targeting Sikh Children, Says BBC’s Inside Out Documentary

28th June, 2013: Muslims warned of ‘major challenge

27th June, 2013: “Oxford sex grooming gang jailed for life

27th June, 2013: Judge jails depraved sex gang for 95 years after they committed grotesque abuse on girls as young as 11

26th June, 2013: “Abusers caused ‘irrevocable’ damage

10th June, 2013: “Pakistani men who groom girls for sex should not be ignored for fear of racism, say MPs

10th June, 2013: “MPs warn over child abuse grooming

10th June, 2013: “Stop tip-toeing around race of grooming gangs, say MPs

10th June, 2013: “Grooming Report: MPs Say Asian Gangs Do Exist

24th May, 2013: “The Hunt For Britain’s Sex Gangs was a much-needed documentary but depressing and hard to watch, says Jim Shelley

22nd May, 2013: “54 British child-sex gangs probed in police crackdown

19th May, 2013: “‘Sack liberal cowards’

17th May, 2013: “Pakistani community must tackle grooming gangs, justice minister insists

17th May, 2013: “Loving parents. An utterly respectable home. So how did Rachel, 11, fall prey to the Oxford sex gang?

14th May, 2013: “Expose and eradicate street-grooming gangs, says Islamic society

19th January, 2013: “Underage Sexual Grooming: Five Arrested in UK

15th January, 2013: “Sex gang accused of grooming ‘troubled’ underage girls




30th March, 2014: The adoption of sharia in Britain sets a worrying precedent

25th March, 2014: “Sharia Law just means less human rights especially for women

23rd March, 2014: “Sharia law for wills – and then what?

20th March, 2014: “Mosque leader compares being gay to paedophilia and murder

18th March, 2014: “Muslim woman, 22, who refused to remove niqab in court jailed for six months for terrorising mosque security guard because he allowed non-Muslim women inside

16th March, 2014: BBC ‘touchy’ for dropping Jesus lyric, says Dolittle

7th March, 2014: “Sharia wills: do they create a parallel system of legal rights?

25th January, 2014: “The frightening moment six Muslim siblings attempt to kidnap white woman in relationship with their sister

24th January, 2014: “British pensioner sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan despite mental illness

18th January, 2014: Borough of Tower Hamlets: a byword for sleaze

23rd December, 2013: “Marks& Spencer apologises after row over Muslim worker refusing to sell alcohol

22nd December, 2013: “Muslim Marks & Spencer staff told they can refuse to sell alcohol and pork to customers

15th December, 2013: “Muslim protesters take to London’s streets to demand shops stop selling alcohol

13th December, 2013: It’s 40 lashes if you carry on selling alcohol, Muslim patrols warn shops

7th December, 2013: “Muslim vigilantes terrorised couples and drinkers

10th November, 2013: “Forced marriage: Ayesha was repeatedly beaten, raped and then twice almost murdered by her own family

3rd November, 2013: “Ken Clarke says the Muslim face veil is a ‘peculiar costume’ which should be banned in court

2nd November, 2013: “Baroness Warsi says banning the Muslim veil would be like clamping down on the miniskirt in the 60s

30th October, 2013: “Islamic finance will help students, says Cameron

30th October, 2013: “Banks and Britain’s Muslims are forging a holy alliance

29th October, 2013: “Cameron calls on Muslim investors to back Britain

6th October, 2013: “British imams willing to marry girls of 14 in secret

16th September, 2013: Tiptoeing around Islam and a ban on Muslim women wearing the veil

2nd July, 2013: “Channel 4 defends decision to broadcast Islamic call to prayer

21st April, 2013: “Happy ever after with a part-time husband: the rise of polygamy in Muslim Britain

7th April, 2013: Inside Britain’s Sharia courts

27th January, 2013: Muslim vigilantes in ‘hate crime assault’

20th January, 2013: Sharia patrols snatch drinks from passers-by



1st April, 2014: “PM orders inquiry into Muslim Brotherhood’s terror links

29th March, 2014: Top-security UK prison where terror fanatics serve life sentences is ‘al-Qaeda recruiting centre’

26th March, 2014: “Outrage-brother-one-Lee-Rigbys-killers-condemns-judge-length-sentence-trial-public.html

21st March, 2014: ‘The doors of jihad are still open’: British fighter urges others to join him in Syria in video posted online

21st March, 2014: British jihadists still heading to Syria despite police threats

18th March, 2014: “Cleric’s hate sermons from the village hall: Firebrand can broadcast to Middle East on his satellite channel because Ofcom is powerless to act

14th March, 2014: “British Muslim couple jailed for ‘offensive in the extreme’ YouTube videos that glorified murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby

2nd March, 2014: The children taught at home about murder and bombings

23rd February, 2014: Terrorism cops warn of threat of Lee Rigby copycat killings

18th February, 2014:VIDEO: Watch gun-toting British Jihadi call on Muslims to do their duty and fight in Syria

17th February, 2014: Fifty British jihadis back from Syria war ‘plotting a new 7/7 attack’

15th February, 2014: British jihadists in Syria using Facebook and Twitter to lure fresh UK recruits to war

14th February, 2014: VIDEO: Shocking footage shows ‘Mad Max’ Briton ‘carry out suicide bombing in Syrian prison break

14th February, 2014: Vigilante patrol Muslim convert given Asbo banning him from preaching extremism

13th February, 2014: “Amateur boxer from Manchester ‘killed during fighting in Syria’

10th February, 2014: “Prince Harry murder plot: Man jailed for three years after threatening to kill prince

8th February, 2014: “British extremism analysis: More Brits joining Syria conflict a major worry

5th February, 2014: “UKIP’s immigration spokesman calls for British Muslims to sign code of conduct rejecting violence

1st February, 2014: “Losing UK citizenship is unlikely to deter Islamist rebel groups prepared to martyr themselves

10th November, 2013: “Man armed with FOUR knives ‘was chanting that he wanted to kill non-Muslims’ during rampage

7th November, 2013: “Terror group al-Shabaab boasts of British followers and names Birmingham as top UK recruiting ground

20th October, 2013: Increasing numbers of prisoners ‘bullied’ into converting to Islam

25th September, 2013: Brit in court accused of making chemical weapons for Nairobi mall attack

4th August, 2013: British aid charity in ‘terror’ inquiry

7th July, 2013: “Muslim factions in first UK clash

2nd June, 2013: “Tony Blair: Woolwich attack shows there is a problem ‘within Islam’

15th March, 2013: “Britons afraid to challenge radical Islam, says former Obama adviser



10th January, 2014: Almost a tenth of babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim, census figures show

5th November, 2013: “Muslim jail population doubles

10th September, 2013: “Christians now a minority in UK as half the population have no religion

30th May, 2013: “British Christianity dies while Islam thrives. Why?

29th May, 2013: “Leading Anglican bishop: British Churches have ‘capitulated to secularism’ and politically correct lessons that whitewash Islam