Terror-linked CAIR whines that Sen. James Inhofe said Obama favors Islam over Judeo-Christian values

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) said on the Senate floor that many Oklahomans believe Obama is suppressing “Judeo-Christian values while promoting Islam.”


Tulsa World  “Oklahomans regularly ask me — and I don’t really think this is unique just to Oklahoma, I think it can be in almost any state — but how they regularly ask me why we have an administration that suppresses our Judeo-Christian values while praising Islam,” Inhofe said during a Senate speech marking the 225th anniversary of George Washington’s first inaugural speech.

“The secular culture we see our nation embracing today would censure such words as Washington’s,” said Inhofe. “Their intolerance fails to acknowledge Washington’s convictions and our founding fathers’ faith.

“Today, instead of having leaders that protect the church from government, we have leaders that believe it is government’s job to impose on churches what should be universally upheld as truth.”


In a letter sent to Inhofe today, CAIR-OK Executive Director Adam Soltani wrote in part:

CAIR  “We are writing to address your April 20, 2014, remarks on the Senate floor that seem to indicate that you believe Islam does not support Judeo-Christian values. We are seeking clarification of your remarks and their implications for American Muslims, particularly the growing Oklahoma Muslim population. Islam is a part of the rich Abrahamic tradition and does not in any way suppress Judeo-Christian values in our country. Furthermore, we do not believe your views represent the views of most Oklahomans.

Adam Soltani. Shave much?
Adam Soltani. Shave much?

“As an elected official, you represent the diversity of Oklahoma, which includes adherents of the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In recent years we have seen the growth in cooperation among Abrahamic faiths in our state and country, and we fear that your remarks set us back as we seek to increase cooperation between faiths.

“Your remarks regarding our nation’s founding are also troubling, as our nation was founded on the understanding that America would be home to those of various religious backgrounds. Professor Denise Spellberg writes in her recent publication that our founding fathers intentionally included the concept of religious pluralism when planning for our country’s future: ‘It strikes me that [Thomas] Jefferson was theorizing for a future that included Muslims — not in spite of their religion, but because of it and because of his notion of universal civil rights.’”

Race-baiter Al ‘Shady’ Sharpton is beside himself.