Welcome to IslamoNAZI Britain where ripping up a quran gets you arrested

dove2-300x234Two women have gone on trial after denying committing religiously aggravated harassment by tearing up a copy of the quran during a Birmingham City soccer match at St Andrew’s.

Birmingham Mail (h/t Susan K)   Middlesbrough FC fans Julie Phillips, 50, and Gemma Parkin, 18, both say they ripped pages from a book but denied knowing it was the quran last December.

The court was told that it was during the second half of the match that stewards saw a book being handed around the away fans and being ripped up. After enquiries it emerged the book was the quran.

Parkin, of Kimberley Drive, Middlesbrough, and Phillips, of Kenmore Road, Middlesbrough, were among Boro fans pointed out to police. They are appearing at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court today (May 1) each facing a charge of “religiously aggravated harassment,” which they deny.

Giving evidence, match steward Matthew Corns told the court he heard chants about Muslims and the quran as the book was passed around and torn up on December 7. (Once again, the truth gets you arrested in the UK)