FLYING PIG MARATHON: Has CAIR sent out a press release yet denouncing the event for being ‘Islamophobic?’

504For those who don’t know, Islam forbids Muslims to eat pork products. However, Muslims have taken this religious command to the height of absurdity, claiming that even the mere suggestion of pork, such as children’s piggy banks, ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ story, ham in school cafeterias and pork items in fast food restaurants are so offensive, they often demand the items be removed so they don’t have to look at them. Obscenely, many non-Muslims comply.

So imagine what their reaction will be to the ‘Flying Pig Marathon’ being held in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday, May 4th.


Flying Pig Marathon website

FOX19 News (h/t Nelson A)  There are plenty of marathons to run throughout the country, but few races are as unique as the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. Just the name, in itself, is interesting. In the 1800s, Cincinnati was a hub for commerce when riverboats plied the Ohio River. Pigs were brought in by boats and marched through the streets of Cincinnati to the processing plants.

Hence the nickname, “Porkopolis.”

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When Cincinnati celebrated its Bicentennial in 1988, the city decided to renovate the riverfront area. Four smokestacks were built at the entrance to the Bicentennial Commons at Sawyer Point, with four flying pigs on top. At first, the four little winged piglets caused a lot of controversy. They’ve since become part of the fabric of Cincinnati culture and have the “best named” marathon in the country.

 2014 is the 16th annual Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.  It is the 3rd largest first-time marathon in the United States. The marathon course takes runners through approximately 15 different communities, winding from Northern Kentucky all the way east to the Village Mariemont.  Metro offers a Flying Pig day pass and early morning express bus on race day to help runners get to the starting line.


Spectators can also purchase the $4.50 pass to follow runners along the route. Approximately 150,000 spectators will line the course cheering on runners throughout the Queen City.

More than 125 charities use the marathon as a fundraiser, from manning water stops to sponsoring runners who raise money through pledges. Marathon mascots have stood at the Finish “Swine” since the first year. And yes, it’s called the Finish Swine.

If you plan to attend the Marathon, you can thank Muslims for all the police state-level security that is now required to prevent another Muslim terror attack like the Boston Marathon Bombing.