UK Muslims demonstrate in the street demanding rule by Sharia law and an Islamic Caliphate for Britain

Need4Khilafah is intended to demonstrate the inferiority of man-made (British) law versus the superiority of Islam and Shariah. The purpose of this comparison is to highlight the need for the Khilafah (pan-Islamic State) in our world today and expose the rampant destruction caused, principally, by capitalism.


Need4khilafah  We have been very successful in projecting this narrative with campaigns geared towards every section of the community, Muslim and non-Muslim, including surveys with the public, short lectures on various aspects of the Shariah and even interviews with university students and politicians.

Although Need4Khilafah does not run a membership policy we encourage all Muslims to present Islam, as well as the need for the Khilafah (pan-Islamic State), in their own communities. It is only a matter of time before the Khilafah is established once again, as foretold by our beloved messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him), and it is important that we all have our footsteps in its revival.