EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood doctor withheld milk from a baby because her name is Alsisi, as in General al-Sisi, who led the ouster of Mohamed Morsi

Muslim Brotherhood Doctor works in the medical center of Quessna City in Monofia Governorate, refused to provide subsidized milk to a 4 month old baby, who was seriously sick because of malnutrition due to the milk shortage.


Eman Nabih  According to Veto Gate Newspaper dated 30/4/2014, Aldossuky, the father of the baby said that he called his baby “Alsisi”, due to his admiration and respect to the former minister of defense, Field Marshal  Abd Elfatah AlSisi. He added that the Muslim Brotherhood Doctor told him that if he wants to avoid problems for the rest of his life, he must change his son’s name, or he is going to suffer for the rest of his life because of this name.

Doctor Hana Soror, undersecretary of the Health ministry in Monofia city declared that the Muslim Brotherhood doctor is under investigation.