WELL, WELL…looks like UK SUBWAY Sandwich Shop’s new ‘All-Halal-All-the-Time’ policy is backfiring

Halal search option removed from Subway website due to staff safety concerns.


Bedfordshire News  This week, Subway revealed that around 185 of their stores are serving halal only meats with ham and bacon being replaced by turkey based products. One of these stores is located in New Bedford Road, Luton and until today you could select halal only stores from the website to find out where your nearest was.

However, today the company have removed this option from their website due to concerns over staff safety.

A press officer for Subway told Bedfordshire On Sunday that the decision to take the search option off the website was taken in response to a number of threatening and offensive emails and social media posts, which led to concerns about the safety of employees at these outlets. However they did state that there would be clear notices in store informing customers that the meat being sold was halal.

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Given Subway have turned halal how long before they bring in Subway Sharia Law? Women forced to eat 2 foot subs under a black out curtain.

Am I the only one finding the story confusing considering who they use to advertise their products?


The latest subway advert put up in Birmingham slowly UK is turning into a foreign country. Ban halal


Sorry @SUBWAY I have the right not to consume halal meat just as much as a Muslim as the right to only consume halal meat. Customer lost.

Subway serving Halal is catering to a huge demographic to maximise proft.Its not a secret Muslim step towards domination


@SUBWAY I don’t want to eat Halal meat, can you remove it please ?

So subway only sell halal meat now.. What about Non Muslims? Or have we become the minority now?

Me when I found out that all bacon and ham are getting replaced with halal meat at subway


Subway replacing bacon and ham with halal meat. Seriously, this country has gone mad?!

thats the last time i ever eat a . I dont want to eat halal meat thank you very much!!

Have the islamaphobes ever considered the fact that the Halal food industry is worth hundreds of billions?

We shouldn’t be introducing Halal meat, we should be getting rid of it

Some subway outlets are serving halal meet only. Cue hysteria from usual media outlets. No to Islamophobia

Just had Halal Subway for lunch, cant believe the fuss, especially when KFC have been all Halal for years as have kids school lunches