DEARBORNISTAN: How were the Muslim police supposed to know if the man acting suspiciously was mentally disabled or just being Muslim?

Mentally disabled Dearborn Muslim man claims police violated his civil rights and assaulted him. CAIR litigation jihadists announce plans to file lawsuit.

CAIR FB On Thursday, May 8, the Michigan chapter of terror-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) will participate in a press conference to announce legal action against the Dearborn Police Department for allegedly assaulting a mentally-impaired Muslim resident. In December 2013, Ali Baydoun, 26, who is a resident of Dearborn, was stopped at night while with his bicycle and was allegedly manhandled and arrested by the Dearborn Police.

Alleged victim Ali Baydoun
Alleged victim Ali Baydoun

MLive  Ali Baydoun, a mentally disabled Dearborn man, is claiming his civil rights were violated and he was assaulted by Dearborn police on his way home from work one night in December.

Dawud Walid, the Executive Director of the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said CAIR is also filing a separate federal complaint Thursday.

MLive Detroit has requested comment from Dearborn Muslim Police Chief Ron Haddad. Though a representative in his office said Haddad was in a meeting and not available to speak Wednesday afternoon, she said he was recently made aware of the video.

Dearborn's Arab Muslim Police Chief Ron Haddad
Dearborn’s Arab Muslim Police Chief Ron Haddad

The police dash-cam footage lasts about 34 minutes and begins with an officer, his cruiser lights off, pulling up to who is alleged to be Baydoun. The officer switches on his headlights and it appears Baydoun is hunched over doing something with the rear tire of his bicycle.  He stands up and the officer approaches asking, “what are you doing tonight,” and “do you have an ID on you,” to which Baydoun says, “No.”

The officer, as soon as he exits his patrol car, begins putting on a pair of gloves. When he tells Baydoun he is going to pat him down to see if he has any weapons, Baydoun begins saying repeatedly, “No, no, no.” The officers continues, “I’m patting you down for weapons.” Baydoun continues to say, “no,” and the officer wrestles him to the ground and appears to call for backup.

“Stay on the ground and relax,” the officer shouts while pressing Baydoun’s face to the concrete. Baydoun appears to be struggling to turn over onto his back. “Sir, turn around,” the officer says. Baydoun is head saying, “Stop.”

After another officer appears in the video, the struggle moves out of view but his eventual conversation with officers is audible. “What’s your name, buddy,” one officer says. Baydoun is head giving his name and address and eventually transported from the scene. Seemingly distraught in the rear of the police car, he repeatedly says, “Excuse me,” trying to get the officer’s attention.