Obama Regime shows “restraint” in efforts to help the Nigerians free the Boko Haram-abducted Christian girls

boko-haramThe U.S. is sending security personnel and hostage negotiators to Nigeria to help in the search for than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped, raped, and about to be sold into slavery by militant group Boko Haram, the White House said.

Washington Examiner  Jay CarneyPresident Obama‘s top spokesman, said Secretary of State John Kerry called Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday to offer to send military personnel, law enforcement officials and hostage negotiators to Nigeria. However, Carney said the U.S. was not considering putting troops on the ground in Nigeria.

Nigerian schoolgirls
Nigerian schoolgirls

“We urge the Nigerian government to take action,” Carney said, calling the recovery of the kidnapping victims “Nigeria’s responsibility first and foremost.” Boko Haram abducted hundreds of Nigerian girls in recent weeks and threatened to sell the children into slavery.

The Obama administration previously said it was sharing intelligence with Nigerian officials, but Kerry’s phone call Tuesday represented the greatest offer of U.S. support to date in the ongoing crisis.


In May, 2013, Boko Haram murdered 2,000 Nigerians, torched churches, terrorized untold numbers of Infidels, and “John Kerry urged the Nigerian army to show ‘restraint,’” from the BBC, May 18:

US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged the Nigerian army to show restraint and not violate human rights as it pursues an offensive against Islamist militants in the north-east. This week Nigeria launched its biggest offensive since the Boko Haram group began its insurgency in 2010.

“The United States condemns Boko Haram’s campaign of terror in the strongest terms,” Mr Kerry said in a statement. “We urge Nigeria’s security forces to apply disciplined use of force in all operations, protect civilians in any security response and respect human rights and the rule of law.”