DEARBORNISTAN: Arab American Festival cancelled again due to high insurance costs stemming from attacks on Christians at the event

dearborn-300x194The Arab American Festival in Dearborn has been canceled for the second year in a row, raising questions about the future of the three-day gathering in June that had become an annual tradition.

Detroit Free Press  (h/t Rob E) The festival was canceled last year when the city and festival organizers, the American Arab Chamber of Commerce, faced higher liability insurance costs because of growing tensions with some Christian missionaries that had resulted in arrests, accusations of harassment and lawsuits.


The Arab-American festival along Warren Avenue had become what organizers said was the biggest outdoor gathering of Arab Americans in the U.S., celebrating Arab culture in a city that’s 40% Arab. The 18-year-old event drew hundreds of thousands of people of all backgrounds.

After canceling the event last year, the chamber’s director, Fay Baydoun, said she hoped that the festival will “come back better and stronger” in 2014. But once again there will be no festival, which was often held during Father’s Day weekend. Baydoun said today, “We’re still in the exploratory stages of how to continue to move forward.”


Baydoun said the chamber did not approach the city about the festival this year. In 2013, the city had proposed moving the festival from Warren Avenue to a park, but the chamber was unable to organize in time and negotiate an affordable fee with the city.

Mayor Jack O’Reilly Jr. said today that the festival, in addition to promoting Arab culture, was a fund-raiser for the chamber. He said there has been some discussion about holding a musical event at a city facility that would help the chamber raise money“I’m very supportive of the chamber,” O’Reilly told the Free Press.


Tensions at the festival broke out in 2010 when a group of Christian missionaries arrived with video cameras to record their attempts to debate Muslims. Some were arrested for disturbing the peace, though later acquitted of most charges. Their arrests drew outrage from conservatives across the U.S.

Another Christian group filed a lawsuit against the city, saying the missionaries were restricted in where they could distribute their literature. In 2012, a separate group of Christians brought a pig’s head mounted on a pole with anti-Islam signs, resulting in some youth hurling bottles at them.

Christians being arrested at Arab American Festival

Christians arrested at Arab American Festival spent the night in jail, then were charged and tried for ‘breaching the peace’

DearbornFreePress  American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) Senior Counsel Robert J. Muise won acquittals from a jury for all the Christian defendants at the conclusion of the criminal trial.

Following the acquittals, Muise, along with AFLC Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi, filed a 96-page civil rights lawsuit against the City, its mayor, John B. O’Reilly, its chief of police, Ronald Haddad, 17 City police officers, and two executives from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Acts 17 Apologetics, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla, and Josh Hogg — the Christians whose rights were violated by the City officials.

Muise commented, “The judge’s ruling today is a huge victory for these Christians.  It allows the civil rights claims for the most egregious constitutional violations to proceed against the City and its officials.  

Last year as part of a settlement, the city paid $300,000 to the missionaries arrested in 2010 and apologized on the city’s website.

Paul Reskella, David Wood, Nageen Mayel, Dr. Nabeel Querishi, State Representative Tom McMillan, and Attorney Robert Muise

Paul Reskella, David Wood, Nageen Mayel, Dr. Nabeel Querishi, State Representative Tom McMillan, and Attorney Robert Muise





Michigan Federal Judge Denies City of Dearborn’s Request to Dismiss Civil Rights Claims Brought by Christians Who Were Arrested at 2010 Arab Festival



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  1. I had seen some of the clips on youtube, so I put in a search of “Dearborn, MI 2009 2010 arab festival” to see what went on.
    What I saw was shocking.
    Nice to see that the jurors felt the same issuing an acquittal and the public apology from the Mayor was a nice touch.
    Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression are all very important as the outcome of this regrettable scenario will attest. Hopefully the Mayor has learned how important it is to uphold these as the law dictates and further misbehavior will not be forthcoming.
    The crowd, with a few exceptions, seemed obstreperous. Hopefully they could be addressed as well, unchecked it will further debase the festival’s reputation as being reprobate.

    Seems as though that was too hard, had to cancel. Funny, that.

  2. I was really outraged when The video of their arrests! Surfaced on YouTube. I called the Dearborn police and told them to stop that kind of behavior!!

  3. The sickest irony of this is that the ORIGINAL Arabs in Michigan were mostly Christians, and mostly from Lebanon.

    I’ve wrote this before and I’ll say it again. Whenever you make an area ‘Arab(ic) Friendly’ (even for Christians) it ALWAYS eventually brings in MUSLIM Arabs. I live in eastern San Diego and the exact same thing is happening here. There was once a thriving Chaldean (Christian) community here, but then the muslims started to come because there were so many Arabic friendly businesses. Now all the Chaldeans are LEAVING because they don’t want to live near muslims. The Chaldean ‘Mexi-Mart’ near my house puts pork feet and Chorizo (spicy ground pork) as close to the front door as possible. It’s eerily similar to how people use garlic to ward off vampires.

    Eventually the Chaldeans will all be gone but us ‘locals’ will be stuck with the craphole muslims that only came because there were so many Arabic friendly businesses.

    Within a mile of my house there are 3 halal butchers shops (ALL with TERRIBLE Yelp reviews and BBB complaints), an islamic ‘community center’ (disguised mosque), and the house of that muslim guy who killed his wife and blamed it on ‘islamophobes’ with a note.

  4. Well DARN IT! Who are they going to stone now that they don’t have a three day “stone your local Christian neighbor festival”?

    • Hey Porkeys2 might I suggest you see if they will butcher a pig for you and when they dont sue them just as the gay couple did when they wanted the baker to bake them a wedding cake for their gay wedding.

      Now personally I feel that someone’s business has the right to refuse anyone if they want but it would be fun to see the liberals flip sides.

  5. In Oregon, in the 80’s we had a problem with the Rajneeshee. They tried to take over the political process in Eastern Oregon. They managed to Take over the city council and buy out many of the local residents. Then they started to spread out and go for county control. At the same time, they trained their own police force. They were not following the laws as Oregonians, but as Rajneeshee. Finally, they tried to poison the AG of Oregon and several other officials of the State. Then Oregon stepped in and smashed the Idiots. Sound familiar?

  6. They might be able to have their festival, if they are willing to be strong in handling the savage behaviors committed by their own people. They behaved like weak schoolteachers, punishing the victims of bullying, rather than the bullies. Serves them right.

  7. I cant believe this is happening in the USA, shocking
    wasnt one of those cops on that horrid show american muzlim?

  8. From Dearborn Free Press: “However, 18-year-old Nageen Mayel, who was operating a video camera on the night of June 14th, was also charged with “refusing to obey a police officer’s order to stop video taping”. (It was not clear at first if police intended to arrest Ms. Mayel, or just investigate her.)”

    Apparently, it isn’t illegal to operate a videocamera in the USA after all! Thank you, First Amendment.

    Thank you, NAGEEN MAYEL for filming, thank you David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi and attorney Robert Muise.

    We can beat predatory, supremacist, misogynistic Islam with the laws on the books. Keep those lawsuits comin’.

  9. This is the way to go. Challenging Moslems’ beliefs in person forces Moslems to show their true, intolerant colors. When they cannot afford the insurance and the police departments can’t afford being sued (!), free speech will be defended by the police and the supremacists will have to hide from public scrutiny. The public exposure of the evils of Islam will continue and without a counterargument, Moslems will realize they have to leave this vile DEATH CULT, because no civilized person could be a part of it.

  10. A musical event?
    Hasn’t Mayor O’Reilly heard? Music is haram, forbidden.
    Perhaps he has in mind a “Breaking-of-musical-instruments” event.
    The Manual of Islamic Law has a section,
    “Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong”.
    The example given of “Righting the wrong by hand” (q5.6) is:
    “Breaking musical instruments”.
    The Manual, Reliance of the Traveller, is a free download:…/reliance2_

  11. Re my last comments on Dearborn , Michigan , a big apology to all those fine upstanding American citizens who are unlucky enough to live there and happen to read this,I was only off on one of my usual satirical flights of fancy , whilst at the same time trying to make some important points against the evil of Islam! Let’s face it , Islam is such a hypocritical brainless hateful ideology that it deserves all the ridicule and mockery it can get!!

  12. Great to see the Muzzies often-used tactic of lawfare being thrown right back in their faces!!

    Great to see an Arab festival in an Arabian town in America being cancelled yet again, let’s hope it’s forever!!

    In my opinion, Dearbornistan should be walled off from civilisation with no possibility of escape. This means they would have to survive solely by their own efforts, with no more leeching off others.

    I’d say they’d last 3 months at the most.

    Come to think of it, this should be done to all those no-go zones in Europe and Scandinavia:
    ” So you want food , well get a job, you want housing, then build some, you want hospitals, ditto, ( and we forbid you to use infidel technology, and all smartphones computers etc will be confiscated.) You want cars to drive, sorry you just burnt them all, you want benefits, nope, you’re on your own now . As you hate our society so much, let’s see what kind of society you can make purely by your own efforts.
    I must say that even with huge assistance from us , all you’ve managed to produce so far are pestilential shit-holes, so good luck!!”.

    If only!!

    Just off now to sue David Ca-Moron and Tony B-Liar for wrecking my country and my life.


  13. I suppose that by the rules of Pee Cee, I should be sorry for this comment, but I’m not. Dearborn and surrounding vicinity was never muslim. It is now claimed to be muslim because the filthy, anti American,non assimilating muslim trash have overpowered the real, American inhabitants of that region to the point that no one but filthy muslims wants to live there. It does NOT belong to them and never has. They now claim it because they have settled on it like a bunch of loud, raucous crows, running off any American settlers who developed and paid for it.
    They, and muslims in general, have done nothing with their homelands but will gladly take over even the worst of ours. They are leeches and their shariah laws and their supposed religion of islam is a cancer on the world.
    This is my honest comment. You can give it any made-up name you want to, but it remains to be true and everyone knows it.

  14. “…and apologized on the city’s website.”

    How can something as simple as an ‘apology’ be in dispute? TRY finding it!

    The ONLY information there, is this heading, with one laconic entry:

    Public notices
    Arab Fest 2010

    That is a pdf file to download, which many people may not bother to do, or don’t understand. Why wasn’t that simply PRINTED there? Is that deliberate obfuscation? Is that following the letter of the agreement only? The mayor’s prejudicial letter (below) has an excerpt to encourage like-minded readers to open it.

    Note that searches Arab Festival, or Arab Fest ‘arrest’, or Arab Fest ‘response’ SUGGESTED by their search engine, all turn up ZERO response. The second item when you search for ‘arab international festival’ is the mayor’s vitriolic letter, which opens in full when you click on it; you don’t have to mess with a pdf reader. That letter does a great job exposing Mayor O’Reilly’s PREJUDICE against the 60% dhimmis of Dearborn, while brown-nosing the 40% Arabs.

    And just think about that for a moment, an American city more like Lebanon.

    “Mayor O’Reilly’s open letter to the Dearborn community
    Posted June 15, 2011 “Dear residents and friends of Dearborn , This weekend we will again be visited by persons who want to use our community for their own ends. This time their target will be the Arab International Festival which has been part of our…””

    For full details of the case (which I found difficult to track down, see:

    “Acts 17 v. City of Dearborn”

    • HF, I admire your investigative skills. I went in Dearborn’s website, through the front door, and never found the apology. It is so well hidden even when you arrive on the page where they hid the .pdf apology, which is still another click away under the smallest of fonts, titled “Arab Fest 2010”. Once clicked on you have to wait for it to download. How sneaky is that? The average internet-savvy person won’t see this apology.

  15. Christians founded this country. Don’t put up with this. Fight this. Fight this attack on the first amendment. All Muslims must leave the U S. They attack Christians at every opportunity. Islam is black magic at its worst. It is an evil sex cult. Their prophet was the devil. These Christians must stop this black mass they call a festival now. The violence show by these Muslims is what we can expect in the future when they start to burn churches.