THANK YOU! Republican Governor Rick Scott of Florida has just signed the ‘Anti-Sharia’ bill into law

Take that, CAIR! Florida will become the eighth state to outlaw the use of foreign law in the state’s courts under a bill signed by Gov. Rick Scott. Scott signed the measure (SB 386) on Monday.


Thank you, BNI Readers,  for your help in sending emails to the lawmakers in Florida and the Governor that resulted in passage of this bill after a 4-year battle.

AP (h/t bojwon)  It would prohibit judges from applying from applying foreign laws in cases involving family law, including divorce, alimony, child support and child custody.

It would also prevent some judgments from foreign courts to be considered in state courts.

The measure does not single out specific religions but critics said the law is intended to target a specific form of law called Shariah that is practiced in courts in some Muslim countries.







Please take 10 seconds TODAY to ask the full Florida Senate to pass the pending anti-sharia (Islamic law) bill

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