YES! Pamela Geller’s new ‘Islamic Jew Hatred’ ads are rolling along the streets of Washington DC

FREE SPEECH REIGNS after a long hard-fought battle with the DC Metro Transit Authority.


According to PamelaGeller, these new bus ads are in response to the vicious Jew-hating ads that American Muslims for Palestine unleashed on  Washington, DC Metro buses last month. Had we not sued and won in NYC and DC for violating our First Amendment rights when they tried to refuse our previous ads, our ads might never have gone up. 

DC Metro transit authority made multiple demands for the substantiation of every claim in our ads before they would accept the ad, and we did.. The libelous American Muslims for Palestine antisemitic ad (see below) did not have to provide substantiation. The MTA had no problem with their antisemitism. These ad campaigns are critical to informing the public of the truth. The disinformation and Islamic propaganda is piled so high and so thick from the media, academia, and the entertainment industry, there is a blacklist on truth tellers. This is how we leapfrog over the leftist/islamic machine.  (BRAVO, Pamela!)