FRANCE: 11 new National Front mayors have begun implementing controversial policies, including rejecting projects for new mosques

A month after their victory in French municipal elections, the 11 conservative National Front mayors have implemented their first policies – and some of them have already caused quite a stir.


France24  (h/t Rob E) Building of new Muslim prayer facilities cancelled:

The association’s branch in Mantes-la-Ville, in north-central France, may also see a reduction in municipal subsidies. The town’s mayor, Cyril Nauth, has also opposed the construction of a new prayer room for Muslims, which had been planned last autumn by the formerly Socialist mayor. Nauth has called the initial plan for a new prayer room a ploy to win the “Muslim vote”.

The new mayor of the southern city of Fréjus, David Rachline, also opposed plans to build a new mosque when he was campaigning, and has promised a referendum on the matter. In keeping with the generally anti-EU views of his party, Rachline has also removed the European Union flag from the front of the city hall building.