Why won’t the Obama Regime help the Christian woman scheduled to be executed for not reverting to Islam, considering her husband is a U.S. citizen?

imagesWhat, NO hashtag from First Lady Michelle Obama about the plight of 27-year-old Meriam Yahia Ibrahim? Why is the State Department sitting on its hands? Raised as a Christian in Sudan, the pregnant mother now faces the death penalty for “leaving Islam” because her father was Muslim.

Allen B. West (h/t Mary L)  As reported by Morning Star News, Ibrahim and her Christian husband also have a toddler son. As marriage to a Christian man is prohibited for a Muslim woman in Sudan, Ibrahim also could be given 100 lashes for “adultery.” If convicted of “apostasy” and “adultery,” the whipping and execution would be administered soon after giving birth to her second child, due next month, according to a rights worker for Justice Center Sudan in Khartoum. She was formally charged in March.

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag with her husband and young son

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag with her husband and young son

How many more stories of this nature will we have to hear until CAIR supporters will stop saying this is just an isolated incident and not reflective of Islam as a whole?

As Morning Star News reported, Ibrahim was born in a small town in western Sudan to an Ethiopian Orthodox mother and a Muslim Sudanese father. Her father disappeared from her life when she was 6 years old, and her Ethiopian Orthodox mother raised her in the Christian faith. When life became hard for her and her mother, they decided to move to Khartoum in search of better school opportunities for Ibrahim and employment for her mother. Finding refuge in a neighborhood in Khartoum, they connected with a small church, and their lives moved on, according to Justice Center Sudan. Ms. Ibrahim progressed in school and graduated from the prestigious School of Medicine at Khartoum University. Her mother died in 2011, leaving Ibrahim with a small but supportive community.


Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, is a South Sudanese Christian who obtained U.S. citizenship several years ago. Ibrahim’ has been denied bail, insufficient medical care for both her and her unborn child, endured beatings in prison and received little help from the U.S. Embassy.

The couple’s 20-month-old son, Martin Wani, is staying in prison with his mother, as Sudanese authorities have prohibited the boy’s father from caring for him because he is a Christian. But the toddler is the son of a naturalized American citizen. What right do these barbarians have to incarcerate him and keep him from his father?

And to that point, Ms. Ibrahim is married to a naturalized American citizen, so why is the U.S. Embassy, our venerable State Department, not demanding her release and the family’s immediate exit from Sudan?

What the hell are they all doing in this fancy new U.S. Embassy in Sudan?

What the hell are they all doing in this fancy new U.S. Embassy in Sudan?

Justice Center Sudan is fighting the court’s charges of apostasy and adultery, and trying to pressure the government to give Ibrahim fair treatment in prison and allow the baby to be with his father.

Authorities in Sudan have accused Wani of converting a Muslim woman to another religion and marrying her – although Sudanese law does not explicitly ban proselytism –and have taken his passport and forbidden him to travel – although he is a naturalized American citizen.

While the couple’s son is a U.S. citizen by virtue of his father’s U.S. citizenship, Wani said U.S. Embassy officials in Khartoum have told him he must prove he is the father with a DNA test before they would try to help.

“I have tried to apply for papers to travel to the USA with my wife and child, but the American Embassy in Sudan did not help me,” Wani said. “My son is an American citizen living in a difficult situation in prison.” U.S. Embassy personnel declined to comment to Morning Star News.

Hellooooo! Anybody home? One of your citizens is in trouble.

Hellooooo! Anybody home? One of your citizen’s wife is about to be hanged for being a Christian?

So will this get Michelle Obama’s attention? I’ll be watching to see how long it takes for the mainstream media and all the Hollywood celebrities to get on board. We’re talking about Americans here, but then again perhaps, “what difference at this point does it make?”

So are we going to sit back and allow a pregnant Christian woman, married to a naturalized American, and her 20-month-old American child, to be held in Sudan’s Omdurman prison by these monsters who live under the archaic and savage code of law called Sharia?

Let’s see who rallies to this woman’s plight and what type of outrage results – and perhaps those same folks will stop apologizing for “isolated incidents” and see the truth about the religion of peace.



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  1. I worked in the Middle East in the 1990’s. First the husband is a Christian from the south. That area fought 30 years for independence and achieved it. There are new flare ups sometimes. The loss sticks into Khartoums side. What’s more is they lived in Khartoum apparently. That’s like an irritant in a lions mouth. Lastly, the woman is absolutely stunning which is all the Muslims see. A Christian stole one of our beautiful Muslim jewels. Their law burdens the woman, even the Muslim woman to prove their case with witnesses and indisputable evidence. Her father is long gone and her mother is dead. No family witnesses apparently. I must also say that if she were ugly then she would not have been so burdened by accusations and their law.

  2. Bonnie,
    Obama will not help the Christian woman in Sudan because he has no concern for her, her children, her husband, or Christians in any vein, or eventhe ordinary citizens of the United States.
    I know this may appear off topic, but I think not.
    Sheriff Todd Garrison of Dona Ana County, Las Cruces, New Mexico has taken Obama to task for the declaring a Wilderness Preserve of more than 285000 acres.
    Six states are immediately affected.
    The concern of sheriff Garrison is that the preserve will lead to increased activity by cartel members, illegal immigrants crossing our borders, plus providing a conduit for every other manner of illicit activity that threatens our national security.
    This has been a trademark Obama effort, and why he has not been impeached is evidence of the credulity uninformed persons expressing confidence in him. Yet he continues to lie daily to us without shame and openly exposed.
    His hijacking of Executive Privilege for benefit his own purposes is criminal.
    Of the 43 occurances of the term “The President,” in our Constitution, never does it allow for the flagrant disregard of both law and propriety that Obama has displayed.
    He cares nothing for the United States or its people, thus, this woman in the Sudan is left to her evil fate.
    You must remember that OTMs are crossing our borders also. Often, these are people who support and sponsor terrorism. They have arrived from Muslim majority countries and pose a direct threat, and Obama is aiding their infiltration into our country by his illegal acts under guise of solar power plants.
    It is not a question should our next 911 occur. It is only a matter of when.
    Mark my words, Obama will have the distinction of having done more to provide opportunity by his actions than any other person in similar complicit treasonous engagements.
    I cannot believe this man yet has 2 1/2 years left to work his evil and nothing shall prevent him.
    There is little difference between Democrats and Republicans as all seem to be cut from the same corrupt cloth.
    Obama will have his day before the Only Righteous Judge as we all shall.
    We are assured of that.

  3. I am thinking there is more to this story. This woman has been a Christian in Sudan since she was a child, no one bothered her, she graduated from Medical School, no one bothered her, she married a naturalized American Christian citizen, no one bothered her. What brought her to the attention of the “authorities” and the why now the persecution and the death sentence?

    If anyone can find more on this please let us know. I am wondering if she and her husband are missionaries, with her medical degree and her husband a US citizen why in the world would you remain in such a dangerous and dysfunctional country especially with small children. I know a couple of Christian doctors that serve there and no one would stay unless they were called to help.

  4. No political fodder in helping her. So you’ll never see Da Mooch, with a piteous expression falsely planted on her face, holding a sign saying “Don’t murder our citizens wives”. Trying to prevent the murder of just one woman won’t make the vacation prone Moochie look as concerned and heroic as honking her horn about the capture of 200+ school girls. I’m sure that Boko Whatever will shed a tear and applaud Moochies efforts when they see her picture and sign. (just slightly sarc.)

  5. Answer :Obama is Muslim.
    there is also other question we can ask :
    Show me a place where Muslims protect Christian ?


  6. This CANNOT be considered a “isolated incident”,..BECAUSE this matter is NOT the doings of a “lynch mob”, but rather, it is the act of a legally constituted government, which is acting within the laws of the country, & within the teachings of the Muslim, so called, “Prophet”,..And,.. incidents of this nature are way to common, in the Islamic world, for anyone to chant the usual, ridiculous mantra that this has,..”Nothing to do with Islam”,..as this matter is what “Islam” is really all about,..

  7. Unbelievable. John Kerry stated that Boko Haram exists because of rampant poverty not because of islamic ideology. LOL What a stupid fool.

    • I agree he’s a fool, however, he absolutely knows exactly what he is saying and justifying for the socialist agenda. The stupid fools are the complacent, self entered, and asleep Western populations that refuse to see the truth of what Islam is really all about.

  8. Why would Obama & even Mooch care about one single christian lady anyway? It’s not worth their efforts and not gaining any news-worthy attention from the media! #sarcasm

  9. Bonnie, don’t know if you want to print this story on a top leader of Boko Haram

    University of South Wales allowing students to be radicalised #glamorgan
    16 05 2014

    A British-born “ringleader” of the Islamist group responsible for the kidnapping of hundreds of school girls in Nigeria was radicalised while studying at a UK university, according to friends.

    Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, 29, was arrested on Wednesday in connection with two recent bombings carried out by Boko Haram in the Nigerian capital Abuja that killed nearly 100 people.

    He is suspected of co-masterminding the attacks – one in the suburb of Nyanya that killed 75 people on April 14 and a second attack just yards away which killed 19 people earlier this month.

    Interpol put out an international arrest warrant for Mr Ogwuche, who was discovered after a reward of £100,000 led to his discovery in Sudan.

    Mr Ogwuche, the son of a retired Nigerian colonel, was said by fellow students at University of Glamorgan in Wales to call himself “The Lion of God” and threatened to cut the hands and feet of non-believers while living in Britain.

    The Nigerian, who studied business science from 2007 until he dropped out in 2010, was a member of the university’s debating society and wrote on an online profile: “I used to be in the military back at home and my goal now is to be a successful businessman.”

    While living in South Wales his posts on his social media page became more extreme.

    If you want to ask the University of Glamorgan what they are doing to weed out extremists, feel free to message them on this link


    One of our lads, Kyle, did a degree at Glamorgan and this is what he says. “I was there in early 2000. There was a spate of “Nation of Islam” and “Black Power” graffiti. The Uni’s statement was that “white racists are trying to cause division”. The usual nonsense.

    A white lad had his jaw broken in one incident and in another two Asians attacked a white lad while screaming racist abuse, and although they were expelled, police refused to charge them, stating the victim “may have said something to offend them”.

    That was 14 years ago people. Its only getting worse

    Katie 5w

    Full story here



      • ME TOO BNI ! The islamic insult, much practiced by Obama, of showing the bottoms of ones feet insn’t half so insulting when the feet are wearing toe tags.

      • “However, a security expert has claimed it might not be long until radicalised young Britons travel to Nigeria instead.”

        British and European leaders waged the FIRST stage of JIHAD against our people by successfully colonizing our countries with many millions of muslims who wage soft daily jihad against our people.

        Our TRAITOR leaders succeed in waging the SECOND stage of JIHAD:
        Devout muslims leave from Britain and Europe to Syria and now to Nigeria to kidnap Christian girls.

        Our traitor leaders successfully wage the THIRD stage of JIHAD against our people: Muslims return from Syria and Nigeria, battle-experienced and with an even greater craving for infidel blood and teach other muslims everything they learned. Jihad increases against our people. Our leaders continue to viciously PERSECUTE INFIDELS who protest.

        Our traitor leaders finally succeed in the FOURTH stage of JIHAD: muslims attain even greater numbers and violent civil war wages in the streets. Our leaders take the side of muslims against us as they have CONSISTENTLY done from the time they started to colonise our countries with muslims. Our indigenous people are treated as enemies of the state.

  10. Now Isalm has our attention. Obama is enjoying his victory over Christians. Is he waiting for orders ..the insane Hilary is nowhere to be seen. The moral corruption in the Democratic Party is evident here. I won’t accept the untruths told by Islam. Accepting these lies makes one a slave. What is the British P M saying to Jesus. He is not talking to Jesus anymore. He like the other British Christians that have betrayed their country are speaking only to another demon. Or to themselves. These prominent Christians have strayed. Now they share time will people that are preparing to kill millions of Jews and Christians. What can be done. We must try harder to defend ourselves by preparation for the evil that is descending on the world. Look at the Insane Hilary. Her face is now distorted by the twisted hate in her mind that she imagines is political doctrine . Watch Obama and beware of his gaze. This thing is barely human.

  11. After the beatings the woman has endured, it’s a miracle her unborn child is still alive.

    “I have tried to apply for papers to travel to the USA with my wife and child, but the American Embassy in Sudan did not help me,” Wani said. “My son is an American citizen living in a difficult situation in prison.” U.S. Embassy personnel declined to comment.”

    The Obama far left/muslim regime and British and European leaders ONLY HELP MUSLIMS!

    Christians and Jews are intensely HATED by our leaders who are probably CELEBRATING the cruel, wicked muslim persecution of this Christian woman, her child, unborn child and Christian husband.

    • You are so right. Anyone who doesn’t yet understand this basic truth is blind or willfully ignorant, and cannot be trusted.

  12. Why would they, this is islam..

    This is typical of what the ummah thinks.
    “Apostacy in Muslim countries is punishable by death according to Sharia law. Adultery and homosexuality as well as treason are the same in punishment is death. The lashes as most likely for fornicating before marriage. I say before marriage because the country do not recognise a marriage has taken place. Muslim women cannot marry non-muslim men, hence lashes rather than the actual crime being adultery.

    Just because ‘enlightened’ people think Islam has it wrong, doesn’t mean that’s true. You should not be ‘free’ to do what you like. It’s why we have laws. If you don’t want to obey them, and break them you’re a criminal and will be punished accordingly.”


  13. The Whitehouse hashtag, michelle sent out for those kidnapped girls, no doubt was because the obamas saw them convert to islam. 27-year-old Meriam is a life long devout Christian and will not be receiving a hashtag from the Whitehouse any time soon… #OBAMA IS A MUSLIM….#PRAY FOR MIRIAM AND FAMILY.

    Call and Send letters/emails to your representatives. Pressure them until they do something!

    • “The Whitehouse hashtag, michelle sent out for those kidnapped girls, no doubt was because the obamas saw them convert to islam.”

      That would certainly explain the delay in M. Obama’s expression of “concern.”

  14. Barack & Michelle Obama are Muslims that HATE Christians and want all Christians dead…Barack & Michelle Obama are Muslims that HATE America and want ALL Americans dead, period!!!

  15. Obama said he will support the muslims against all others, so he silently approves the sharia rulings This abid fooled americans twice to subdue you and fill america with the islamic low lifes, filth
    Despite his high praise of islam and its ‘great’ traditions, all islam brought forth is sorrow,pain and death

    • +1. Not sure he is still “silently” approving of the sharia – he is very bold in his support of those who hate America, and continuously affronts our allies, in the Middle East and around the world.

    • what makes you think Obama will leave office January 17 2017? he hasn’t paid attention to the Constitution yet why should he then?

      • Exactly. Why should he suddenly obey that little quirk in the Constitution that he has gleefully spurned with zero consequences all along?

    • And rumor has it that the loyal Obama liberal voters would soon vote for ‘dearest’ Hillary Clinton as the next US President being the first female president! *facepalm. Even she’s not Muslim but she’s known to be a liar, bigot and hypocrite b**ch who would continue Obama’s wicked ways, I can assure you!

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