TWO THIRDS of Czech citizens are very fearful of Islam and see it a threat to their country

images3An analysis into European voters’ preferences has found that about two-thirds of Czechs consider Islam a threat and/or an ideology to be feared. ONLY about 10 percent of Czechs are not afraid of Islam. The least afraid support the lefist Green Party.

Prague Post (h/t Jason F)  “The all-European comparison shows that Czech users of EUvox take stands that can be marked as the least tolerant of Islam,” said Michaela Vojtková, from  the Academy of Sciences Sociological Institute.

A common sight in downtown Prague
A common sight in downtown Prague

According to EUvox, one third of Czechs definitely consider Islam a threat. Overall, two thirds of Czechs are afraid of it. On the contrary, less than one tenth of EUvox users are definitely opposed to this opinion. “The results have shown that Europe is afraid of Islam. Practically all over Europe, there are no negligible groups of voters who believe that Islam threatens their cultural traditions,” Vojtková said.

More than 90 percent of Czechs, who agree with the Dawn of Direct Democracy movement see Islam as a threat. More than 70 percent of “voters” of the Party of Free Citizens and the ODS and about 70 percent of those whose opinions are closest to ANO’s consider Islam a threat. About 60 percent of persons whose opinions are closest to the Communists’ (KSČM) and the junior government Christian Democrats’ (KDU-ČSL) are afraid of Islam.

Supremacist attitude of Muslim students in the Czech Republic
Supremacist attitude of Muslim students in the Czech Republic

This also applies to about a half of “voters” of the Pirates, the senior government Social Democrats (ČSSD) and the opposition TOP 09. Twenty percent of Greens’ “voters” are afraid of Islam, which is the least proportion.

Some parties and politicians directly speak against Islam. The Dawn movement has taken over in its EP election campaign a poster (below) of Swiss nationalists featuring a black sheep which white sheep are kicking out from their midst.