HALLELUJAH! Federal Judge orders end to force feedings of Muslim terrorist

Let ALL the terrorists on hunger strikes at Gitmo starve to death! Most of them have gotten too fat anyway. Moochelle would not approve.


Jurist  The US District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday ordered  officials in Guantanamo Bay to temporarily suspend forced feedings of a Syrian prisoner kept at the detention facility on Guantanamo Bay.

Syrian national Abu Wa’el Dhiab has been detained at Guantanamo Bay since 2002 after being arrested in Pakistan on suspicion to terrorist activity targeting the United States. Currently Dhiab has been on a hunger strike while being detained, prompting guards to practice force feeding measures to ensure good nutrition. 

The Pentagon, in response to the order, has complied with Kessler’s wishes to temporarily halt force feeding measures. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Todd Breasseale stated in an email “[w]hile the Department follows the law and only applies enteral feeding in order to preserve life, we will, of course, comply with the judge’s order here.”