INDIA: Muslims threaten to kill newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi

0A day after the Modi tsunami swept the country, 18 members of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), including its Madhya Pradesh chief Abu Faisal, shouted pro-Taliban slogans and included Narendra Modi’s name in their hit list after they were produced in a court in Bhopal. 

Time of India  (h/t Bhagat N) Faisal and 17 other SIMI members were brought to the court of chief judicial magistrate Pankaj Singh Maheswari on Saturday for a hearing in terror-related cases and the Khandwa jailbreak.  While being escorted out of the court under heavy security, the SIMI men turned belligerent and began screaming: “Taliban zindabad. Ab Modi ki baari hai (Now, it’s Modi’s turn). 

A case was registered against them for making provocative statements. “They have been booked under Section 153 (B) and 294 A of the IPC for making assertions prejudicial to national integration,” said police officer Brajesh Bhargava. 


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  1. Frst of all making siteses such as “bare” “naked” regarding religions is an insult to any religion…..and modi is not threatened by muslims but by terrorists……so plz remove this site and learn to honour religion….

  2. BNI, did you hear that their great terrorist bravado – Dawood Ibrahim has got scared for his “LIFE” because of Modi being PM. He felt that Modi will get him like Osama and has allegedly requested ISI to dhift him in Af/Pak border areas in safer heaven in Pak. I was hilarious when I read it. What a brave soldiers of Allah/Mohammad army?

  3. BNI This is Narendra Modi for you…..When the Prime Minister of a country declares himself Servant No.1, then the people of that country MUST slog it out in whatever work they are doing. This man travelled over 3,00,000 kms, held 5827 public meetings in 25 states, besides 1350 3-D rallies and 4000 Chai pe Charcha since September 15, reaching out to around 10 crore people directly and many more through internet, TV and other virtual and mass media. The Prime Minister’s day begins at 5am with Yoga, Pranayam & Exercise, and is obviously packed with work – sometimes going well past midnight. He has NEVER taken a vacation or a holiday in all his years as the Gujarat Chief Minister. This success is a result of years of austerity, magnificent hard work and unimaginable daily sacrifices. We are all celebrating Narendra Modi’s success. But his real success would be when each and every Indian gets committed to his own work with this kind of unprecedented fervor. Roll up your sleeves and work hard. Let’s join Majdoor No.1 and make India World’s No.1! The fragrance of our sweat will yield gardens of prosperity and peace in our beloved Motherland. Democracy is not Narendra Modi. Democracy is of the people, by the people, for the people. Without the people, even Narendra Modi can’t. Our responsibility is not over because we voted him to power. Our responsibility has begun now. We have complained for decades that we don’t have an able leader. Today we have an ideal leader. Let us now be ideal players. For next 5 years, if NaMo, you and i keep the hardwork going, India will be unstoppable. Let’s do it again people. Work extra hours in office, show extra-ordinary results, do more than your seniors expect, perform better than your job demands, deliver before the deadline, expect no follow-ups, go out of your way for your duties, be nobler than the law needs, love more than the world asks, help more than you are being helped, serve better than you can even imagine service to be, learn more than you require to learn, exercise daily, be incredibly disciplined. In short, be like Narendra Modi! Then, we will truly MODIfy India. Get ready India, you now have a leader whose spirit must NOT allow you to rest any more. It is not just Narendra Modi, but it is all of us who have come to power yesterday. We now have 5 years. Wake Up, Get Up and Show it to the World! Vande Mataram!
    Narendra Modi is the FIRST PM of India, whose mother will see him become a PM. What a moment for Modi’s mother!
    {Times Now}
    His Mother still stays in 10*10 room
    *His brother still works at Clerk post.
    *He visits his mother just twice in a year. 1) Birthday 2) Diwali
    *He meets his sister just once in a year. Rakshabandhan
    *He left his family at the age of 17 for nation.
    *He didn’t attend his sister’s marriage.
    *His In laws home is a old broken home.
    *His In-laws still sell onions.
    Have you ever seen a person Who is a 12 year CM, who is about to become Prime Minister, with such a back ground ?
    Its been his pure pure dedication, Hardwork, vision, governance which has brought the revolution which entire Nation is seeing today.
    Politics will be termed into two terms. Before Modi, After Modi.
    “Proud to be a Modi Fan !”.

    • Leo, I don’t need convincing. I’ve been a fan since I first learned about him a few months ago. Thanks for the update. I just hope he knows enough to keep his distance from Obama, who is an enemy.

      • BNI I know you are a well wisher of Modi, just wanted to share how down to earth and hard working he is…. wish him a great term in office.

      • Obama is a scourge , he can rock the relationship with India if he supports Jihadis ………….Modi govt will not go soft on jihadis for any reason unlike the congress – UPA..

        It was the then BJP-NDA (1999- 2004) which brought in POTA law to combat terrorists.
        It was congress – UPA which Repealed the POTA (Prevention of Terrorist acts) after they came to power in 2004.

        The congress – UPA govt , have weakened the Law , slow down investigation , remove key evidences to allow muslim criminals to go scot free or get off with light punishments. .

        only the prominent ones like mumbai jihadi attack are taken to their logical end due to higher level of public- Media attention.

        On the other hand a similar law in force in congress ruled state of Maharastra was used to catch and declare some hindus as terrorists.

        Even after 6 years of this fake case without bail, they have no concrete evidence and no case has been filed

        One of the accused is a hindu woman ascetic (sadhvi) , who had sold her Bike a year ago before it was used for bombing a marketplace.

        That is used as “evidence” (selling a bike year ago that was used by the real bomber) to claim she is a “hindu terrorist” …..while the real ones as long as they are muslims rarely get punished , often get off with light punishments due to deliberate attempt to weaken the case as muslims are biggest vote bank of congress – UPA.

        At least a section of the educated masses have got fed up enough to vote this jihadi loving scums out..

        Feel good part – The corrupt police officer Mr Karkare, a congress party agent , who placed the hindu sadhvi under illegal arrest for 70 days and tortured and abused her to get her to confess to the bombing , while running media show making all kinds of false and misleading statements..

        The Good part – When the real terrorists attacked mumbai , this cowardly scum got killed without firing a shot.!

        Bad Karma strikes back 🙂

  4. It’s getting pretty sad when one desperatly hopes a peaceful Hindu nation, get’s angry and show’s the world how it’s done. Does anyone have a spine?

  5. Well Modi, it has been spelled out for you. How will you react? Will you allow these rabid animals to run rampant or will you deport them to the savage nation we created for them, Pakistan?

  6. And Barrack Hussein Obama and Hilary Clinton getting ready to issue warning against the use of excessive force.

  7. More misunderstanders of Islam? It will be time soon to send these misunderstanders of Islam to Berzerkistan very soon where everyone agrees with them in principle.

  8. Excellent!! This will aid the Gov. on their crack-down/expulsion/deportation/imprisonment of these savage filth.