MALAYSIA: Controversial columnist encourages Muslim spies to infiltrate churches to witness alleged Christian condemnation against Islam

ridhuan-tee-abdullah-newspaperWriting in support of a seminar at a Shah Alam university that questioned the divinity of Jesus Christ and the authenticity of the Christian Gospels, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (photo above right) also claimed this was held as a response to the alleged spread of Christianity in Malaysia. He then urged Muslims to visit churches undercover to witness for themselves the condemnation he alleges is being aimed at them.

Malaysian Digest “I hope there are Muslims who can go enter churches in disguise to hear what is discussed,” Tee wrote in his Sinar Harian column today. Earlier in his opinion piece, the senior lecturer with the National Defence University defended a May 6 event held at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) that has antagonized Christian and other faith groups with the claims made by speakers, arguing that it was academic in nature.


“Unfortunately Muslims do not go to churches to see how they condemn Muslims. We are accused of oppression and cruelty towards Christians, with examples from ‘Malay cruelty in the ethnic cleansing of the Chinese during the Japanese Occupation of 1942-1945’. The fact is far from the point,” he wrote.

Multiple reports were lodged against the organisers of a closed-door seminar on the use of the word “Allah” and Christology at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) on May 6.

Tee isn't too crazy about Hindus either
Apparently, he isn’t too crazy about Hindus either

At the day-long seminar in its Shah Alam campus last week, UiTM had invited several Indonesian Muslims, academics and converts, to lecture on the use of the Arabic word for God, “Allah”, in the Malay archipelago and their interpretation on the life of Jesus Christ, whom Christians revere as God manifest on earth.

A speaker told the thousand-strong audience — which included former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi — that the New Testament gospels, which recount the life of Jesus, were hearsay and falsehoods as the prophet was only “a human slave to Allah” and not a divine being. Another said that Christians should convert to Islam as they would be “betraying Jesus” and his principles otherwise.

The seminar also takes place against the backdrop of strained ties between Muslims and Christians over the use of the Arabic word “Allah”. Last year, the Court of Appeal overturned a lower court’s decision to allow a Catholic newspaper to use the word. The appellate court ruled that “Allah” was not an integral part of Christianity.