ORLANDO, FL: First look at the march against (mainly) Muslim persecution of Christians around the world

UnknownThe MAY 17th march in Orlando, Florida was to raise awareness of the rapidly increasing incidents of murder, enslavement and forced conversions/marriages of young girls, burned churches, and rampant persecution of Christians in the Muslim world as well as in China and N. Korea.

Someone in the crowd shouted out “It’s countermarch time tomorrow.” Counter by whom – Muslims?

The vast majority of places where Christians face discrimination arein  Muslim majority countries. In many Islamic countries Christians are attacked, murdered, and their churches are burned down or bulldozed. Atheists in the West often try to use moral equivalence with Islam and Christianity, but while all religions practice freely in the West, in Moslem dominated countries, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists are attacked, killed or not allowed to practice their faith and religion.