ITALY: Senegalese Muslim destroys public library and attacks staff because there were no qurans or books about Islam on the shelves

2131895362_95a1ec65b1In Busalla, a small town of 5,700 inhabitants, in the province of Genes, in Liguria, a 24-year-old Senegalese Muslim man went to the town’s public library looking for the Quran and books about Islamic culture but found none. So he went mad and started beating up the two staff members, a 43-year-old woman and a 64-year-old man. Then he ransacked the library, knocking over shelves and throwing down all the books, while shouting “ALLAHU AKHBAR!”


(Senegalese Muslims are among the hordes of North African boat people who keep invading the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa seeking economic asylum and benefits from the EU, committing violence and other crimes when they aren’t accommodated as quickly as they expect)

IslamvsEurope  Having been alerted, the carabinieri the local police agents had a very hard time at trying to get this crazed Muslim under control. “After a short but violent fight, he was arrested and charged for serious damage, resistance in the café of public force and attack against police agents.” Immediately after, he was carried to the prison of Marassi. One of the agents spent 7 days totally incapacitated).

EU-Innenminister reden über Flüchtlingswelle

Having been examined on Saturday following the order of the prosecutor by specialists from the Center for Mental Hygiene in Genes, the Senegalese was declared to be “perfectly rational and in the state of being able to understand and to perform willful acts”. On Monday he will stand before the investigating judge. “The carabinieri are now verifying that this was an isolated act and that there were no instigators or fellow countrymen who may have pushed him to act this way”.

Having been covered by the local media, this episode has been the subject of a dispatch issued by the ANSA press agency. A first political reaction came from Francesco Bruzzone, the president of the Lega Nord group at the regional council: “The least I can say is that I am puzzled by learning about this kind of happenings.

But this was not something unexpected. These are clear examples of people who enter in our country illegally and want to make demands. I hope justice follows its course and that this individual be not freed within a few hours”. Francesco Bruzzone also expressed his solidarity with the victims: “I am horrified”, he said, “and I hope that this kind of events shall make people wake up.”