DENMARK: Young woman and her dog attacked by dog-hating Muslims who threw them both in the lake while pelting them with rocks

The attack took place in an area of Denmark called Vollsmose, which is heavily populated with Muslims and immigrants from the Middle East. 

Sara Lund-Jensen and her dog, Kaiser
Sara Lund-Jensen and her dog, Kaiser

Sara Lund-Jensen  was out walking her five year old dog, Kaiser, by a lake near Granparken when four young Muslim thugs approached them, at first asking questions about the dog. Then, suddenly they began kicking the dog and throwing rocks at him, one of which hit Kaiser. As she tried to protect her dog, the Muslims started throwing rocks at her, too. then knocked her to the ground and kicked her, as well, after which they picked up Sara and her dog and threw them both into the lake, where they pelted them with more rocks. Fortunately, the thugs finally gave up their game and left.

Sara and Kaiser were helped out of the water by an elderly woman. Soaked and shaken, both will be OK.

Liveleak (h/t Don Laird)

Apparently, the attackers were Somali Muslims: UPDATE