Terror-linked CAIR demands Oklahoma schools stop using a film that correctly ties Middle East terror groups to the Oklahoma City bombing

book_sm1The Oklahoma chapter of Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) today called on Jenks Public Schools to drop the use of a film promoting conspiracy well-documented theories linking Middle East groups to the 1995 Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City.

NOTE: The theories have been borne out (see link at end) but the Clinton Administration squashed them.

CAIR – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  That call comes following a meeting today at which school officials told a CAIR-OK representative and concerned parents that the film would continue to be part of the media library available to teachers.


CAIR-OK received a complaint that an Oklahoma History class at Jenks’s Freshman Academy uses the film, Conspiracy: Oklahoma City Bombing,” as a part of its Oklahoma History Curriculum. The film alleges that the Oklahoma City bombing was the work of “Middle-Eastern Islamist organizations.”

“No student should be made to feel unwelcome in an Oklahoma classroom through the promotion of such conspiracy theories,” said CAIR-OK Executive Director Adam Soltani. “Showing a conspiracy-based film that misdirects the blame for one of the most tragic events in our state’s history only serves to create confusion and will lead to the spread of misinformation and hostility toward students of Middle Eastern and Muslim background.”


He said the use of supplemental classroom materials that promote hatred or misinformation about a particular religion or ethnicity is not consistent with Jenks Public Schools mission statement, which states a “commitment to the shared responsibility of preparing all learners for productive, responsible citizenship in an ever-changing world.”


Soltani noted that Muslims and Arab-Americans were targeted in the immediate aftermath of the bombing when they were falsely linked to the deadly attack by self-styled “experts” like Steven Emerson, who told CBS News the bombing was a reflection of “a Middle Eastern trait.”  

That and similar unsubstantiated rhetorical links sparked a wave of anti-Muslim hysteria that resulted in almost 250 incidents of harassment, discrimination and actual violence against American Muslims or those perceived to be Middle Eastern.

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