Oh, NOES! Pathmark shopper pulls at a Muslim supremacist’s headbag and CAIR crybabies demand NYPD conduct a ‘hate crime’ investigation


SHEEESH! As if the NYPD doesn’t have anything better to do than waste valuable resources on nonsense like this.

pathmark(Via CAIR email) Last Sunday afternoon, a Muslim woman who wears niqab (religious full-face covering) was shopping at a Pathmark supermarket with her 11 year old son when a man approached her, pulled her religious covering, and nearly exposed her face. (Oh, horrors!) She said “excuse me”, evaded the man, and walked away with her son. The family contacted CAIR-NY and we are currently working with the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force to investigate this case.

At our office, we’ve received similar complaints of Muslim women who have been victims of hate crimes. As a Muslim woman, I too know the fear of being attacked in public as my close friends have gone through similar violent experiences. We must stand up against acts of violence!  If you or someone you know has been a victim of a hate crime, are facing religious discrimination, or were contacted by FBI, please contact our office right away at 212-870-2002 or info@ny.cair.com

Gee, I was at a Pathmark in NYC last Sunday and I think I saw that…but my lips are sealed! HAH!