GOOD NEWS FROM SYRIA: Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups are killing each other (WARNING: Graphic)

LiveLeak-dot-com-f39_1400988580-noeee_1400992120.jpg.resizedISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has taken control over Al Kharrat oil station located about 40 km southwest of Deir Ezzor city after violent clashes with Jabhat Al Nusra and the Islamic battalion fighters. More than 26 jihadists from Jabhet Al Nusra and the Islamic battalions were arrested, then executed, several of whom were beheaded as you can see in the photos below the video.

Oh MY! This is all so confusing for the Obama Regime, who have been funding and arming the so-called rebels. One day they are rebels and the next day they are Islamic terrorists, not fighting Assad, but rather each other. Maybe if we send them enough weapons, they will destroy each other. Liveleak Bn0mxYIIgAAf5kq.jpg-large BoO8SYjIgAAD2PY BoO-vWDIUAA5wP0 BoPhEHeCUAEv6BM LiveLeak-dot-com-f39_1400988580-isisfottd_1400992126.jpg.resized LiveLeak-dot-com-0fb_1400785020-BoO8GbhIIAAhEJ6_1400786546.jpg.resized LiveLeak-dot-com-f39_1400988580-ennedd_1400994302.jpg.resized LiveLeak-dot-com-f39_1400988580-BoO8rdmIMAABwir_1400994308.jpg.resized