SWEDEN: More car fires and riots raging in the Muslim suburbs of Stockholm

But none of the media have the guts to call them Muslims. They use euphemisms like “youths,” “Husby,” (heavily Muslim area) and “burning cars”  – all dead giveaways that they are Muslims.


NYHETERIDAQ  (h/t John A)  During the early hours of Monday, police have had a major commanding the area around Husby. – A patrol was following a suspected drunk driver when a group of people started throwing stones from a bridge. It is unclear how many they were, but they were more than ten, explained Eva Nilsson of Stockholm police.

Several media outlets have reported on how police were victims of stone throwing in the Stockholm suburb Husby. News Today report that several cars were engulfed in the fire and that the police have had an extra large force in the area during the night.


Yesterday Aftonbladet reported that a police officer had to shoot warning shots at a group of ‘youths’ in connection with them throwing stones at a police car. This was prompted by a car that was stopped by police, the driver suspected of DUI.

News Today was in Husby during the night on Sunday and met with several of the cops. Both the helicopter, police vans and riot equipped police appeared in several places in the aresa around Husby, Kista and Rinkeby.


The exact number of police on the ground was unreported, but both black armored police vans were on hand as well as several other vehicles. When News Today arrived at the place where some of the police buses had gathered, we saw the police had changed into riot gear.

Several riot-equipped police officers, and at least one dog patrol, shut down an entire block while firefighters worked to extinguish the fire. Some youths stalked around the area while News Today was there and filmed the event.

On the police website it was reported that there were at least 3 burned cars in Södertälje, south of Stockholm. 

The beards on the “young men” indicate their Muslim identities.