SUDAN: Woman set to hang for being a Christian gives birth to baby girl in squalid jail and vows she’d rather be executed than convert to Islam

Hey Moochelle, isn’ it time for another hashtag? Or isn’t this woman black enough for you to express any outrage? Meriam Ibrahim, a doctor who has spent the past four months shackled to the floor in a disease-ridden jail, gave birth five days early. The baby was born at Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison in North Khartoum and is said to be healthy.


UK Daily Mail (h/t bains)  Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, her lawyer Mohaned Mustafa Elnour said: ‘This is some good news in what has been a terrible ordeal for Meriam. ‘I am planning to visit her with her husband Daniel later today. I think they are going to call the baby Maya.’

Meriam, 27, was sentenced to death by hanging earlier this month after being found guilty of converting from Islam to Christianity and marrying a Christian man, U.S. citizen Daniel Wani, who lives in Manchester, New Hampshire. She will receive 100 lashes before she is executed – sometime in the next two years. Before the birth, Meriam made the defiant claim that she would rather die than give up her faith.

In a heart-wrenching conversation with her husband during a rare prison visit, Meriam told him: ‘If they want to execute me then they should go ahead and do it because I’m not going to change my faith.’ An Islamic Sharia judge said she could be spared the death penalty if she publicly renounced her faith and becomes a Muslim once more. Meriam insists she has always been a Christian and told her husband she could not ‘pretend to be a Muslim’ just to spare her life.

Daniel Wani outside his home in Khartoum, Sudan, ash he awaits the fate of his wife who has been held in shackles in prison with their toddler son Martin next to her

Daniel Wani outside his home in Khartoum, Sudan, ash he awaits the fate of his wife who has been held in shackles in prison with their toddler son Martin next to her

She told him: ‘I refuse to change. I am not giving up Christianity just so that I can live. ‘I know I could stay alive by becoming a Muslim and I would be able to look after our family, but I need to be true to myself.’

Daniel, a 27-year-old biochemist, revealed his wife’s defiant stance during an exclusive interview with MailOnline at his modest home in the dusty Sudanese capital city of Khartoum. Sitting beneath glamorous photographs of his wife taken at their wedding in December 2011, he said: ‘My wife is very, very strong. She is stronger than me.

‘When they sentenced her to death I broke down and tears were streaming down my eyes. Our lawyers were passing me tissues. But she stayed strong. ‘She did not flinch when she was sentenced. It was amazing to see, particularly because she is the one facing the death penalty.’

Martin, above, is pictured biting his lip unaware of the terrible fate his mother, Meriam, faces after being sentenced to hang for refusing to consider herself a Christian. His family claim he is American because his father has been granted U.S. citizenship

Martin, above, is pictured biting his lip unaware of the terrible fate his mother, Meriam, faces after being sentenced to hang for refusing to consider herself a Christian. His family claim he is American because his father has been granted U.S. citizenship

Daniel was in Khartoum trying to arrange for Meriam and their 20-month-old son Martin to live with him in the US when his wife was arrested in September. She was three weeks pregnant with their second child. She has been held since February in Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison, North Khartoum, with Martin.

The authorities will not release Martin into the care of his father because they claim he is a Muslim too. She spends much of her time shackled to the floor, is not receiving enough nutrition in her food to cope with the rigours of a difficult pregnancy and is rarely allowed outside. Both she and her bewildered son have contracted various illnesses because of the poor sanitation at the jail.

A report by Human Rights Watch claims the prison is ‘beset with overcrowding’ and suffers from ‘poor sanitation, disease and the deaths of many children living with their mothers’. Daniel, who is originally from South Sudan, but is now a naturalized American, was initially refused permission to visit her. Describing his first visit after she had been inside for two months , he said: ‘The first time I only had ten minutes and we never even had a conversation with each other. 

Daniel and Martin sit with their lawyer, Mr Mohand, during a visit. Daniel is wheelchair bound as he suffers from muscular dystrophy

Daniel and Martin sit with their lawyer, Mr Mohand, during a visit. Daniel is wheelchair bound as he suffers from muscular dystrophy

‘I had to attend to my son first and once I had done that I was told by the prison guards that my time was up. ‘I wanted to take Martin away with me, but I knew I couldn’t. It’s not good place to be for a little boy to be. I am not allowed to spent time with them because the Sudanese officials do not recognise them as my wife and son.

‘They say the marriage is void. Now, even my wife is no longer my wife. And my son is not mine and my new daughter is not mine. They say I am a stranger to them. ‘I know my wife puts on a brave face but I can tell that she is in quite a bit of pain. She doesn’t get to leave the room for weeks. ‘She has suffered medical complications while in jail, but no one knows the full extent of what they are because she is in prison. It’s a difficult time. To see her walking in chains is difficult.’

Daniel, who is wheelchair-bound because he suffers from muscular dystrophy, cuts a forlorn figure as he wheels himself around his empty house. His child’s bed lies unused, as does a child-sized toothbrush. Daniel keeps himself busy by studying the regular barrage of paperwork that his legal team send him. 

Martin is given a drink by prison guards. Daniel is not allowed to take custody of Martin because the authorities have ruled that the toddler is Muslim

Martin is given a drink by prison guards. Daniel is not allowed to take custody of Martin because the authorities have ruled that the toddler is Muslim

Like many in Sudan, both Daniel and his wife’s childhood were blighted by civil war. Daniel managed to escape the brutal conflict in 1998 when he travelled to America with his brother Gabriel.

The biochemist returned to Sudan to marry Meriam at a Christian service in a chapel which was attended by around 500 people in December 2011.

Most who were at the wedding ceremony could vouch for the pair being committed Christians, defence lawyers say. But witnesses who were willing to give evidence on her behalf were barred from testifying because they were Christian.  She even produced a marriage certificate identifying herself as a Christian.

Despite this, the judge determined that because her father was a Muslim, even though he abandoned the family while they were living in a refugee camp in the South East of Sudan when she was six, she too was a Muslim who had broken the law by leaving Islam.


Daniel went to the American Embassy in Khartoum for help. ‘I thought this would be the one place which would help me, but they told me they didn’t have time to do anything,’ Daniel said. ‘I was upset because now that I am American citizen I thought they would help me. ‘I was threatened. They said “well your wife isn’t American, so we can’t help”. I felt disgusted. My home is in America and still they won’t help. It’s getting uglier and it’s not going in the right direction.’

Mr Wani said the State Department asked him to provide DNA evidence proving that Martin was his biological son. He added: ‘I have provided wedding documents and the baby’s birth certificate, but this is clearly not enough. It’s very upsetting that they don’t believe me. 

‘They want me to take a DNA sample in Khartoum, then send it to the US for testing. It’s as if they don’t believe a word I say.’


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  1. Is it just me or does she look a bit like Whitney Houston? wow strong and brave woman I hope God gives her justice, even if she’s killed Jesus said “those that willing lose their life for my sake shall find it”……….

  2. This sad story bings out facts which must prove fatal to Islam, God damn it!!!
    Christians can not testify in ‘slime courts. God damn!
    Christians have no rights, not even the right to live. God damn!
    Christian marriage is not recognized. God damn!

    The God damn AssWholes plan to kill an innocent young mother because she is not a God damn Muslim. God damn!!!!

    Her husband is an American citizen and our President and State Department take the side of the enemy of all mankind. They will not lift a finger to help an innocent person married to a citizen. God damn!!!!!

    Let 2012 be the last time we elect a God damn Muslim!!! Let it be the last time we elect anyone who will not condemn and curse Islam and Muslims!!! Never again!!!!

  3. I hope there is a prison break in the wings and extraction of her family.

    I have no further words as I am just so mad at this situation.


  4. The libtards scream every time homosexuals whine because some photographer doesn’t want to take pics at their wedding. I listen as the media and the liberal socialists look down from their perch and tell me I hate women because I am against abortion (and yet I am a woman). I watch the world stage and dhimmi leaders are more concerned about global warming than they are actual people.

    Muslim’s murder Buddhist’s and Christians because some in-bred cleric says to kill us all if we won’t convert and the state run media NEVER cover any of these murders. Do these idiots who are in places of power through politics or media not understand what is to come if they continue down this path of allowing the Muslim’s of the world do as they wish? Do they not get that this too (Islam) will come to their door step and they will no longer enjoy their liberal ideas in peace?

    We are praying for Meriam and her family. We are very sad about this situation. Surely the end times are upon us as this scourge envelopes the earth like the plague. These descendants of Ishmael are only good when they are dead by a brutal hand. We can learn a lesson from Genghis Khan who knew the only way to kill Muslim’s is by brut gory force. It is all they respect.

  5. This evening I sent a letter to Imam Mohamed Magid, Executive Imam and othe leaders of the ADAMS (All Dulles Area Muslim Society) Center in Sterling, VA. Imam Magid is from Sudan. Here is what I wrote:

    “Meriam Ibrahim, who is married to an American citizen, and who is on death row in Sudan because of her Christian faith (having been raised a Christian) gave birth to a daughter today in deplorable and inhumane conditions. Her 18-month-old son is also imprisoned with her:

    I note that Imam Mohamed Magid is from Sudan and has had regular access to the Obama administration, having been dubbed by the Huffington Post as “America’s Imam.” Given his high profile, do you therefore plan to release a public statement to the American people demanding Mrs. Ibrahim’s immediate release from prison so that she can be reunited with her American husband?

    No civilized culture would imprison a mother and her infant children on the basis of the mother’s religion. This would be an appropriate opportunity for you to publicly declare to the American people and to the world your opposition to Mrs. Ibrahim’s imprisonment and sentence, and denounce the grotesque human-rights violations against Christians in the Muslim world.”

    If you want to email him, his email address is: The contact page for the mosque is here:

  6. i imagine Meriem’s brother is very proud of himself. having his sister sentenced to death and all.
    pregnant women some across the southern border all the time give birth and are allowed to stay because child is automatically an American citizen. but a naturalized citizen can’t get help.
    bizarre double standard

  7. The far left/muslim Obama regime refuse to help this woman and her family because they are CHRISTIAN!

    Western leaders INTENSELY HATE both Christians and Jews.

    Dear God, Please get this woman and her family out of Sudan!

  8. Sshh…. Mooch is thinking hard on where to go for her next vacation or planning a student meal rather than busying herself to write on a piece of paper and put a horrible hashtag!

    This Sudanese lady is a Christian convert. Bet this doesn’t put any concern for BHO, Mooch or his White House staff! You should know better than that after all these years, right?

    Sarcasms aside, I pray for this lady and her family. She stood firm to her newly belief, Christianity, way braver than any Christians I ever met, yes and that includes me sadly.

      • Sorry, my bad, Bonni. I read in some other media that she’s a Christian convert. I admire her brevity and I pray that Lord will intervene in her gruesome case. Thanks for clarifying that for me. Much appreciated.

      • Mooochelles sympathies lie with muslim doctrine, after all her husband is one. Besides, this woman is quite beautiful: mooochelle not so much.
        Just no time 4 #tag .

  9. This is “moderate” islam at work. I have been praying to God for Meriam and her family’s safety. If they murder this brave Christian woman, I hope it haunts the sudan gov and the obamas (and all other governments who had the power to rescue her but didn’t lift a finger), the rest of their lives!

      • You’re right, Bonni, they might not give it a second thought if they murder her, but they will have to stand before God one day and give an account. They’ll be blubbering like the filthy pigs they are. Prayers for Meriam and her family.

    • I highly doubt the Sudanese government will be remorseful after all, many have met the same fate, which I hope to god will not befall this beautiful young mother

    • heathen savages of a toxic “religion” (sic). and “americas president” says not one word, because he’s a muslim muzzie himself, not to mention a hypocritical gutless eunuch. befitting an empire rotting from within after decades of subversion, infiltration, perversion and degeneracy. all begun long before obummers presidency

  10. Such totally needless and unspeakable suffering inflicted on a good and principled woman, all in the the name of the worst evil ideology that the world has ever known . Sometimes I almost despair at the sheer unfeeling cruel depravity of Islam, and the cowardly unwillingness of western civilisation to acknowledge or confront it.
    I ‘m also aware that those who should be outraged at this abomination seem to be keeping a disgustingly low profile. Surely the Christian church should be in absolute outrage over this, not to mention the various heads of government ( where are you, Bollock Osama?).
    As you might expect, the British government and the muzz-media have largely ignored this horrific story.

    I hope against hope that international pressure might yet lead to this exceptionally brave young woman being freed to live her life with her family, for she has committed no crime , except in the eyes of a murderous stone age fascist ideology.

  11. I’m against Meriam’s execution too.

    But the roots of the problem stem from Islam itself and 1) Forced conversions 2) Death for apostasy.

    Nigerian schoolgirls are kidnapped by Boko Haram and forced to convert to Islam recently. Al Qaeda backed Syrian jihadists are killing Christians brutally. Al-Shabaab jihadists in Kenyan malls are kidnapping people and killing those who aren’t Muslim.

    I am sick of the cultural relativistic hypocrisy of liberals. They will turn a blind eye and contend that it’s just the Islamic way – that’s just how they do things down there.

    I almost wish some of those liberals would be put into the same precarious situation. Then when they cry for help, I will say something like: “Relax – they’re just devout Muslims practicing their religion.”

    • AMEN – you said it perfectly!!!!

      I’ll go further and actually wish that some of those Marxists DO end up in a position no better than that of this poor yet outstandingly NOBLE lady who has done nothing wrong in the eyes of anything but Islam!!!! Almost certainly that’s what WOULD happen if they were dealt with according to the method I advocate: secret arrest, disenfranchisement and parachuting without possessions into North Korea, Saudi Arabia or Iran. Without papers, they wouldn’t be able to prove anything: then they would end up in a prison like what this Christian martyr-to-be is currently suffering in.

      THEN, when the families of those Marxists would find out what has happened to their brethren, we’d see how they’d react if the rest of us told them off as they likewise deserve…

  12. Don’t know how many protests are being held in front of Sudanese embassies around the globe lately (2 yesterdays in Bordeaux and Paris), but I guess they’re not listening, and neither are our own individual traitors, indeed much more interested in those murderous fuckers than their victims.

    It’s astounding that here, again, one more example right before the world’s eyes what these bastards are really all about, yes your nice little so-called moderate crappy shit, and barely a ripple. All these lessons-givers always babbling on about the overused and misused “human rights”, well where are they ?!

    If only we could yank that woman and her child out, if you get my drift !

  13. astounding, but not at all surprising, that obama cares so much for muslims in the west, but doesn’t give a rat’s ass about jews, christians, hindus, zoroastrians, Bbddhists, etc. anywhere in the world.

    • Obamas cares about jews, christians etc. Theycare about muslim domination of all these infidels. He is the son of a whore/ MUSLIM alcoholic , Deadbeat polygamist;(sorry for redundancy. )American Embassy in SudanWants dna test before Ignoring meriam’s case. Where are our lib feminists? Does lashing a woman before you hang her amount to a war on women, moochelleass?